WWE Raw Match Ratings, Podcast Notes For 10/1/18 From Sean Ross Sapp Of Fightful.com

Braun Strowman defeated Dean Ambrose via DQ

  • Dean Ambrose cuts a promo about the rumors going around that he's going to leave the Shield. Ambrose was really good and ambiguous here. He's very defensive about the questions that Charly Caruso is asking. 
  • Everybody who chants "what" at a WWE show is uninvited from my birthday party.
  • Baron Corbin is called a substitute teacher by Dean. Corbin gives Ambrose the options of title matches against Reigns and Rollins, or taking on Strowman one-on-one. Ambrose offers to fight Corbin instead.
  • Ambrose has the decision made for him. It's Braun. This is a good way of taking a lot of interest out of the night. 
  • Braun looks slow tonight, but is still able to land a big sleeper slam and a jumping stomp
  • Strowman takes his trademark bump over the rop rope after an Ambrose thumb to the eye. Clever camerawork saves a bad looking club to the chest from being exposed. 
  • Ambrose scores a Dirty Deeds to save a sloppy spot, but Braun kicks out. A suicide dive sends them both outside, and Braun into the stairs. For some reason Ambrose breaks the count.
  • Strowman hits an immediate powerslam in the ring. Another happens, but Roman Reigns' music hits. 
  • Ambrose is DQ'd, but the Shield helped out their buddy and made the save. Corey Graves appropriately explains that Ambrose makes less money because of this.
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Roman Reigns defeated Dolph Ziggler

  • Dogs of War come out after Strowman wins, and Corbin makes Ziggler vs. Reigns, and Rollins vs. McIntyre. Corbin takes away Reigns' privilege to defend his title tonight. That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard.
  • So why wouldn't Drew and Ziggler be super pissed at Corbin?
  • "I know you all don't give a shit about this match, but before you DO, let me give you less of a reason to care"- Baron Corbin.
  • Ziggler gets a DDT on the floor and a horrible looking FameAsser in the ring.
  • There are a couple of really extended sleeper spots and a Zig Zag, but Reigns gets a Superman Punch on a superkick attempt.
  • Roman Reigns wins with a great spear after a sunset flip. Ziggler's sell was outstanding, and we don't see it from that angle very often.

Ronda Rousey (w/ Bella Twins) defeated Ruby Riott (w/ Riott Squad)

  • Michael Cole indicates that Liv Morgan is cleared for Saturday. Riott Squad cut an inset promo. 
  • If there's anybody a wrestler new to the game should be in there with, it's Ruby Riott.
  • Riott pulls Rousey into the post and grinds away with heelish offense. Lots of pin attempts. 
  • Riott implementing attacks you can't use in MMA and Graves picking up on it is great. Fishhooking into a nice elbow.
  • Ruby Riott hit an STO on Rousey. Ronda needs to hand over the Olympic Bronze Medal.
  • Rousey almost lost it on the gutwrench powerbomb. Could have been bad. Riott takes her suplex better than anyone. Spinning Samoan and armbar, that's a wrap. Rousey wins. 

Konnor (w/ Viktor) defeated Bobby Roode (w/ Chad Gable)

  • They're really pushing 38 year old Konnor, who first signed with WWE in 2005, as a prospect.
  • This is as basic and heatless as it gets.
  • VIktor attacks Gable. Roode is distracted, and that leads to Konnor hitting the Dominator for the win.


B-Team defeated Revival

  • Revival are coming out like a house of fire right after the commercial with a nice Dawson bulldog. 
  • There's a brief B-Team chant. Axel gets worked over methodically until mini-Bray gets tagged in to a decent reaction.
  • A spinebuster lands for Dawson, and you can just tell Dallas is winning. He does. 
  • This was short and pointless, and the team who won get a nice reaction live, but it serves only for AOP to beat them up. Super Collider. Also, Drake is dressing normally. Cool.
  • Backstage, Baron Corbin is very impressed by AOP.

Backstage Crappenings

  • MOMENT OF BLISS IS BACK! She says Trish Stratus was her hero, but when she was 7 Trish burped in her face, tore up her autograph book and stepped on her foot. 
  • Roman Reigns is checking on Ambrose, as Rollins did earlier, but Ambrose is being really pissy. 
  • Strowman sees his homeboys backstage and says that Ambrose would fit in well, even though he destroyed Dean. He calls Ambrose a winner and says Ziggler was a weak link tonight

Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins

  • Rollins goes right to a suicide dive, but falls victim to a cool spot in the corner where he gets kicked trying to do a go-behind.
  • We go to a commercial after seeing Drew nail a side slam off the stairs onto the apron.
  • Back body drop counter from Rollins, then a reverse Alabamaslam counter into a great victory roll. A short arm clothesline from McIntyre is turned into a great Falcon Arrow for 2. 
  • Ziggler's music hits, allowing McIntyre to get Claymore for the win.
  • Reigns saves Rollins from the beatdown, and Braun follows. 
  • Ambrose shows up with an axe handle, but eventually he's beaten down like the rest of them and takes a bad looking Claymore Zig Zag.

Kevin Owens (w/ Elias) defeated Bobby Lashley (w/ Lio Rush)

  • I'm not sure why I didn't automatically assume Elias and Kevin Owens would be great together, but they are and that's cool. Elias throws almonds in a stagehand's face, while KO eats spinach and drinks water before his match tonight.
  • Elias & Kevin Owens are together before their match in the ring and talk about what great guys they are.
  • The D-String is super flat on Elias' guitar. He gets an all-time great reaction to a line about the Sonics.
  • Forget US vs. Canada. Who is on the WWE roster from Seattle and OKC?
  • I can't put over how special this reaction is. 
  • Lio Rush comes out and calls Cena a legend. Lio Rush isn't able to follow up.
  • There isn't much to this match early on. A Lashley powerslam changes that, but I wish WWE could go one episode without a big guy getting posted.
  • Lio Rush runs away from Elias, but finally gets caught. Owens pins Lashley with a roll up that I didn't buy at all. 
  • Elias and KO beat down Lio and Lashley.

Bayley (w/ Finn Balor) defeated Alicia Fox (w/ Sunil Singh & Jinder Mahal)

  • Alicia Fox has blonde-ish hair. Cole calls Sunil Singh Ranjin Singh.
  • Bayley gets a back elbow from the second rope, but walks into a knee. 
  • This is a mixed match challenge commercial. Bayley gets a roped stunner, then a dropkick on a roll through.
  • Both Balor and Bayley kick Jinder before Bayley wins with Bayley to Belly. Alicia Fox didn't take that very well.


  • Shawn Michaels says that he wanted to just watch Super Show-down as a fan.
  • He's picking his best friend any day of the week, and is all too happy to brush back Kane if he has to.
  • Kane appears and punches HBK. Michaels bumps off of it.
  • The DONG hits, and Undertaker appears. Triple H makes the save, but HBK and HHH get double chokeslammed.
  • Shawn Michaels being completely bald is gonna take some getting used to.
  • A Tombstone on HHH closes things out. 
  • Remember Billionaire Ted skits? These guys were all in the company when they aired, making fun of how WCW used old wrestlers
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