WWE Raw Results For 10/9: Enzo Amore Defends The Cruiserweight Gold, The Shield Reunite & Asuka Has An Opponent

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- The show starts with highlights from the WWE Intercontinental Title Match between The Miz and Roman Reigns, followed by the aftermath with The Bar is shown.

- Miz TV is up first and The Miz is already in the ring with Curtis Axel, The Miz is presenting The Mizzies tonight. Curtis Axel wins the first Mizzie for his perseverance, Axel thanks everybody and he dedicates the award to Bo Dallas. The next Mizzie goes to The Bar for the destruction of Roman Reigns, The Bar makes their way to the ring. Sheamus speaks first and he says that he appreciates everything, Sheamus says the bar was raised to new heights last week. Sheamus also thanks Reigns for taking the beating last week on WWE Raw, Cesaro also thanks Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose for taking their beating last week as well.

The Miz says that a reunion for The Shield won’t happen because they don’t want to fight him & The Bar, The Miz says he and The Bar have put an end to Roman Reigns. The Miz then awards the final Mizzie to himself for taking out Reigns, The Miz dedicates the award to his unborn child. Roman Reigns makes his way down to the ring and he has a microphone in hand, Reigns demands that The Miz shut up and he warns them that they should all leave the ring. The Miz says that a Shield reunion is nothing but a false rumor, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins eventually come out to join Reigns.

The Shield surround the ring and they eventually brawl with The Bar and Curtis Axel as The Miz leaves the ring, Reigns crushes Sheamus with a superman punch. Ambrose drops Cesaro with a clothesline and Axel gets taken out as well, The Shield then trap Miz in the ring before Ambrose catches him with a Dirty Deeds. The Shield then hit The Miz with the triple power bomb, The Shield finish things by pounding fists over The Miz.

Jason Jordan vs. Karl Anderson w/Luke Gallows

The match begins with Jordan scoring a takedown on Anderson, Anderson gets back up and Jordan takes him right back down. Anderson gets up and he catches Jordan with a sucker punch before applying a headlock, Jordan gets free and he drops Anderson with a shoulder tackle. Jordan picks up Anderson and he tosses him across the ring, Gallows distracts Jordan and Anderson drop kicks him in the legs as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Anderson working over the arm of Jordan, Anderson then smashes the shoulder of Jordan to the mat below.

Jordan tries fighting back and Anderson drops him with a spine buster for a near fall, Anderson focuses on the injured arm of Jordan again. Jordan and Anderson have a forearm strike exchange in the middle of the ring, Jordan eventually takes Anderson down. Jordan gets up and he drops Anderson multiple times before catching him with an overhead release suplex, Jordan then hits Anderson with a spear in the corner. Gallows distracts Jordan and Anderson rolls him up for a near fall, Jordan hits Anderson with an elevated neck breaker for the three count.

Winner: Jason Jordan

- Elias is shown walking backstage.

- The Miz is being treated in the medical room with Curtis Axel when Raw GM Kurt Angle arrives, Angle announces The Shield vs. The Miz & The Bar in a TLC Match at WWE TLC.

- Elias is in the ring and he performs his new song for the fans, Titus O’Neil interrupts by playing a banjo. Titus then plays his own song for Elias and he says that Apollo Crews will beat him tonight.

Elias vs. Apollo Crews w/Titus O’Neil

The match began during the commercial break and we return to see Elias stomping away on Crews in the corner, Elias then smashes the arm of Crews on the ring apron. Elias follows that up by dropping Crews with a clothesline for a near fall, Elias does the old Undertaker rope walk to smash the shoulder of Crews. Crews starts fighting back by landing a series of kicks against Elias, Crews then hits Elias with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Crews throws Elias out of the ring and they brawl for a short time, Crews catches Elias with a moonsault from the ring apron. Crews brings Elias in the ring before assaulting him with strikes, Elias drops Crews on the second rope before nailing Drift Away for the three count.

Winner: Elias

- WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore is shown backstage.

- WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore makes his way to the ring and he talks about the no contact clause WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle gave him a few weeks back. Enzo wonders why Angle never fired the cruiserweights who attacked him, then he announces a title match against Kalisto at WWE TLC. Angle makes his way to the ring at the request of Amore, Amore brings up the clause again and he questions as to why Kalisto still gets a title shot at WWE TLC. Angle then says that the clause doesn’t include Kalisto, Amore wants Angle to stop hustling him and to make him happy. Angle then makes Kalisto versus Amore for the WWE Cruiserweight Title for tonight, Amore says he wants the match to be the main event and Angle agrees. Angle says that tonight’s main event is going to be a Lumberjack Match.

- Braun Strowman is shown backstage.

Braun Strowman vs. Matt Hardy

The match begins with Strowman shoving Hardy across the ring a few times, Hardy catches a charging Strowman with a boot to the face. Hardy then attacks Strowman with a plethora of punches to the midsection, Hardy goes for the Side Effect and Strowman counters by tossing him across the ring. Strowman then hits Hardy with a shoulder tackle as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Strowman holding Hardy in a chin lock. Hardy breaks free after catching Strowman with a jaw breaker, Strowman charges at Hardy and he winds up crashing into the corner before falling out of the ring.

Hardy waits for Strowman to get in the ring before dropping him with a leaping tornado DDT, Hardy hits Strowman with a Twist Of Fate for a near fall. Strowman counters a second Twist Of Fate attempt with a choke slam followed by a power slam for the three count.

Winner: Braun Strowman

After the match, Strowman throws Hardy out of the ring before hoisting him up the entrance ramp, The Shield arrive to stop Strowman from further injuring Hardy. Strowman attacks The Shield and The Shield work him over, Reigns eventually crushes Strowman with a spear. The Shield continue attacking Strowman, The Shield then hit Strowman with a triple power bomb through the announce table.

- The Shield are interviewed by Charly Caruso, Rollins says that The Shield is back and stronger than ever, Ambrose and Reigns say they will take on the whole world together. Reigns says they run the business now and Rollins says we can believe that.

- Mickie James makes her way to the ring and she gets a microphone, James says she felt like she didn’t belong when she returned to WWE Raw. James says she blames Alexa Bliss for making her feel this way, James says that Bliss is unable to manipulate her. James talks about how Bliss interfered in her match against Nia Jax last week on Raw, James says she doesn’t play games and she is all woman. James starts taking shots at Bliss before saying she will win the WWE Raw Women’s Title at WWE TLC, which brings out Bliss to the entrance ramp.

Bliss claims she isn’t out here to make trouble and she apologizes to her, Bliss says she made a Mickie James career retrospective. The video then plays for all to see and it mocks her career, Bliss then starts to insult James as well after the video. James challenges Bliss to get into the ring with her, James jumps Bliss and she throws her into the ring before beating her up.

- Raw GM Kurt Angle is backstage with Bayley and Sasha Banks, who both plead their case to face Asuka at WWE TLC. Alicia Fox walks in and she wants to get noticed by facing Asuka, Dana Brooke arrives and she wants to battle Asuka as well. Emma shows up and she wants Asuka as well, Angle makes a fatal five way match and the winner faces Asuka at WWE TLC.

Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher vs. Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali

The match begins with Gallagher distracting Alexander and that allows Kendrick to jump him from behind, Kendrick mauls Alexander with strikes in the corner. Gallagher tags in and he holds Alexander in a chin lock, Alexander fights back and Gallagher nails him with a drop kick. Kendrick tags back in and he catches Alexander with a butterfly suplex for a near fall, Gallagher tags back in and he attacks Alexander with kicks in the corner. Gallagher holds Alexander down with a front face lock, Alexander escapes and he eventually drops Gallagher with an enzaguri.

Ali tags in and he quickly cleans house on the opposing team, Ali kicks Kendrick in the head before landing a rolling neck breaker for a near fall. Gallagher interferes and Ali throws him into the barricade, Kendrick hits Ali with Sliced Bread #2 for the three count.

Winners: Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher

- Raw GM Kurt Angle is on the phone when The Miz arrives, The Miz says he will add a fourth member to the team after what Dean Ambrose said earlier and Angle reluctantly agrees. The Miz reveals Braun Strowman as the fourth partner for his team at WWE TLC.

- Finn Balor makes his way to the ring and he has a microphone in hand, Balor proclaims Indianapolis the home of Balor Club. Balor talks about how Bray Wyatt introduced Sister Abigail to the world last week, Balor says he has a hard time believing what Wyatt says anymore. Balor challenges Wyatt to bring the whole Wyatt Family to WWE TLC, Wyatt appears on the screen and he tells Balor to be afraid of Sister Abigail. Wyatt says Abigail chose him before she took her final breath, Wyatt says that Abigail is here and then the screen changes until Abigail appears.

Abigail says that men try to control everything and that Wyatt is just special, Abigail says she showed Wyatt that the darkness is stronger than the light. Abigail promises to turn The Demon into a dandelion, Abigail says she could’ve saved Balor and then she tells him to run. Wyatt appears on the screen again and he is just laughing at Balor.  

Fatal 5 Way Elimination Match, Winner Faces Asuka At WWE TLC

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke vs. Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox vs. Emma

The match begins with everybody but Emma brawling inside of the ring, Brooke takes Banks out of the ring to throw her into the barricade. Fox and Emma are left alone in the ring before Brooke jumps Fox from behind, Emma and Brooke double team Fox in the corner. Brooke turns on Emma by nailing her with some forearm strike, Brooke then hits Fox with a handspring elbow strike. Bayley hits the ring and Brooke just slams her for a near fall, Bayley catches Brooke with a Bayley To Belly for the three count.

Eliminated: Dana Brooke

The match resumes with Banks rolling up Bayley for a near fall, Fox nails Bayley with an axe kick from out of nowhere for the three count as we go to a commercial break.

Eliminated: Bayley

We return from the break to see Emma and Fox working over Banks in the corner, Emma and Fox then hit Banks with a double suplex. Emma sneaks up behind Fox and rolls her up for a near fall, Fox eventually catches Emma with a roll up of her own for a near fall. Banks returns and takes out both women with a double drop kick, Banks then drops Fox a few times with some clotheslines, Banks corners Fox after catching her with a hurricarana followed by a double knee strike. Banks sends Fox into Emma before applying the Bank Statement to force a tap out.

Eliminated: Alicia Fox

Emma rolls up Banks from out of nowhere to get the three count.

Eliminated: Sasha Banks

Winner: Emma

- Renee Young interviews Finn Balor, who says that he assumed Bray Wyatt has lost his mind and he says that he fears Bray may have unleashed something awful in Sister Abigail.

- Charly Caruso interviews Kalisto, who says that Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio have inspired him to make his dreams come true. Kalisto says he wants to make his two heroes proud by defeating Enzo Amore to become the WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match, Lumberjack Match

Enzo Amore (Champion) vs. Kalisto

The match begins with Enzo kicking Kalisto before applying a headlock, Kalisto fights back and Enzo drops him with a shoulder tackle. Enzo rolls out of the ring and he returns to the ring, Kalisto then knocks Enzo back out of the ring with a drop kick. Kalisto then nails Enzo with a kick to the shoulder when he gets back in the ring, Kalisto controls Enzo on the ground as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Enzo dropping Kalisto with a clothesline, Enzo keeps Kalisto down by nailing him with a few strikes. Enzo tosses Kalisto to the ring apron, Kalisto recovers and he nails Enzo with a kick before landing a springboard high cross body.

Kalisto knocks Enzo out of the ring and he shoves a lumberjack before getting back in the ring, Enzo then knocks Kalisto into the turnbuckles. Enzo tosses Kalisto out of the ring and he gets jumped by a few of the lumberjacks, Kalisto gets back in the ring and Enzo stomps away on him. Enzo catches Kalisto with a leg drop before applying a chin lock, Kalisto escapes the hold and he nails Enzo with a hurricarana that sends his face into the mat below. Enzo recovers and he nails Kalisto with a curb stomp in the corner, a brawl eventually breaks out between all the lumberjacks.

Kalisto traps Enzo on the top rope and he superplexes him onto the cruiserweight on the arena floor, Kalisto throws Enzo back in the ring. Kalisto goes for his finisher and Enzo counters with an eat defeat, Enzo goes for the pin and Mustafa Ali breaks it all up. Enzo gets angry and he drops Ali with a clothesline, Enzo then crotches Kalisto on the top rope. Kalisto hits Enzo with his finisher from the top rope for the three count.

Winner: Kalisto, your new WWE Cruiserweight Champion

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