WWE Raw Results For 11/13: The Raw Men's & Women's Teams Are Complete, Monsters Collide & A Few Returns

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X Division Scramble And More Announced For 5/13 Episode Of IMPACT Wrestling

Here is the Fightful post-game podcast for WWE Raw:

- The show starts off with highlights from the feud between Raw and Smackdown Live.

- WWE Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring, McMahon talks about making tough decisions everyday and then she brings out WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle. McMahon questions just how The New Day got into the building last week on WWE Raw, McMahon also talks about Angle’s missteps with the Smackdown Live raids. McMahon also questions Angle allowing his son Jason Jordan to be on Team Raw for WWE Survivor Series, McMahon then brings up John Cena joining Team Smackdown Live at WWE Survivor Series.

Angle then promises to break the ankle of Smackdown Live Commission Shane McMahon at Survivor Series, McMahon believes Angle has gone soft. McMahon talks about how Shane is trying to ruin WWE Raw, The Shield make their way to the ring and interrupt McMahon. Ambrose grabs the microphone and he says Angle is the best GM that Raw has ever it, McMahon mocks The Shield for losing the Raw Tag Team Titles last week. Reigns questions where McMahon has been over the last six months, Reigns then says The Shield wants to fight The New Day at WWE Survivor Series. The Shield embrace Angle as their music plays.

- Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Asuka & Sasha Banks were shown at ringside before the match begins.

Winner Joins Team Raw At WWE Survivor Series

Mickie James vs. Dana Brooke vs. Bayley

The match begins with a three way test of strength between the competitors, James then cracks both opponents with drop kicks. Bayley trips up James and she drags her out of the ring, Brooke traps James and Bayley in the corner before landing an avalanche. Brooke then knocks Bayley out of the ring as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Brooke choking James in the corner. Bayley hits the ring to lay out both opponents with back suplexes, Bayley then traps Brooke in the ropes before landing a stunner.

James nails Bayley with a flapjack before going to the top rope, Bayley eventually follows her up there and James knocks her off. James hits Bayley with a top rope Thesz Press for a near fall, James nails Brooke with a few kicks before nailing Bayley with a neck breaker. James and Brooke clash into each other before Brooke rolls out of the ring, Brooke attacks Asuka and Asuka lays her out. Bayley eventually lands a Bayley To Belly on James for a three count.

Winner: Bayley

After the match, all five members of Team Raw stand together in the ring.

- Drew Gulak & Enzo Amore are shown backstage.

- Prior to the match, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore says he is going to beat Kalisto at WWE Survivor Series to make 205 Live better. Gulak gets ready to speak when Kalisto and Akira Tozawa come out.

Enzo Amore & Drew Gulak vs. Kalisto & Akira Tozawa

The match begins with Gulak working over the arm of Tozawa, Amore tags in and he jumps Tozawa from behind. Kalisto tags in and he nails both opponents with a springboard double drop kick as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Gulak wrenching on the neck of Tozawa. Tozawa fights to get free and he nails Gulak with a few strikes, Tozawa then hits Gulak with a belly to back suplex before tagging Kalisto in. Amore and Tozawa get the tags from their respective partners, Kalisto immediately nails Amore with a rope assisted kick followed by a cross body.

Tozawa tags in and he nails an interfering Gulak with a missile drop kick, Amore and Gulak are sent to the arena floor before their opponents take them out with suicide dives. Amore is brought back in the ring and Tozawa lays him out with a kick, Gulak tries interfering and he is taken out with a dive. Amore hits Tozawa with Jaw Donzo for the three count.

Winners: Enzo Amore & Drew Gulak

- The Miz is shown walking backstage with The Miztourage.

- Kurt Angle is backstage with the rest of Team Raw, Angle says Samoa Joe and Finn Balor will face Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows tonight. Angel then says Jason Jordan faces Bryan Wyatt, Braun Strowman then demands a match with Kane and Angle agrees.

- The Miz and The Miztourage make their way to the ring for another edition of Miz TV, The Miz welcomes everybody to the show before talking about his match with Baron Corbin at WWE Survivor Series. Miz talks about how Corbin has squandered opportunities in the past, Miz says he is on a higher level than Corbin. Miz then introduces WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The Bar, Miz congratulates The Bar for winning the titles last week.

Sheamus says that there was no surprise in them winning the belts last week, Cesaro says all The Bar cares about was taking their belts back. Sheamus talks about how The Uso’s became tag team champions on the B show, Sheamus then states that The Bar are the A show tag team champions. Miz talks about how they will defeat The Shield tonight, The Miz also brings up the negative history The Shield members have had with each other. The Miz and The Bar promise to defeat The Shield tonight.

- Michael Cole announces that The New Day have accepted the challenge from The Shield.

Bray Wyatt vs. Jason Jordan

The match begins with Wyatt backing Jordan into the corner before missing an avalanche, Jordan then nails Wyatt with a drop kick. Wyatt nails Jordan with a cheap shot before dropping him with a headbutt, Jordan gets up and he plants Wyatt into the turnbuckles a few times. Jordan then catches Wyatt with an overhead release suplex and Wyatt gets out of the ring, Jordan goes for a spear and Wyatt sends him crashing into the barricade as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Wyatt holding Jordan in a chin lock, Wyatt releases the hold to nail Jordan with a senton bomb.

Wyatt gets angry and he stomps away on a downed Jordan, Jordan tries fighting back and Wyatt attacks him with more strikes. Wyatt kicks Jordan in the face before nailing him with a uranage, Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail and Jordan clocks him with a right. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail again and Jordan rolls him up for a near fall.

Winner: Jason Jordan

After the match, Wyatt attacks Jordan from behind and then he nails him with a running clothesline on the arena floor. Wyatt then grabs the injured leg of Jordan and he smashes it into the ring post.

- Backstage Jason Jordan is being attended to by the medical staff backstage while Kurt Angle questions if he can compete at WWE Survivor Series.

- WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring, Heyman does his usual introductions for himself and Lesnar. Heyman says that history will be made because it’s the first time a WWE Universal Champion faces a WWE World Champion, Heyman also says it’s the first meeting between Lesnar and AJ Styles. Heyman says that he wants to see Lesnar versus Styles for personal reasons, Heyman knows that Styles presents a challenge to his client.

Heyman then goes onto say that Styles is the best in ring performer right now, Heyman calls Styles the ultimate underdog against Lesnar. Heyman talks about all the accomplishments Styles has achieved in the past year, Heyman also says that Styles cannot survive against Lesnar before dropping the microphone.

The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) vs. The Miz & The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) w/The Miztourage

The match begins with Rollins and Cesaro doing some chain wrestling, Cesaro kicks Rollins before nailing him with a European uppercut. Rollins recovers and he drops a charging Cesaro with a drop kick, Ambrose tags in and he double teams Cesaro with Rollins for a near fall. Ambrose traps Cesaro in the corner before attacking him with chops, Ambrose trips up Cesaro and he nails him with cross face strikes. Rollins tags in and he nails Cesaro with a top rope fist drop, Ambrose tags back in and Cesaro slows him down before tagging Sheamus in. The Bar then hit Ambrose with a few double team holds, Sheamus traps Ambrose in the corner before mauling him with strikes.

Miz tags in and he mauls Ambrose with strikes of his own in the corner, Sheamus tags back in and he immediately tags Cesaro in so they can hit Ambrose with double side kicks. Sheamus tags back in and he catches Ambrose with a middle rope fist drop, Sheamus drags Ambrose to the ground while holding him in a chin lock. Rollins breaks free and Reigns tags in, all three members of The Shield hit the ring and they take out The Bar. The Shield then take out The Miztourage on the arena floor, Miz then runs through the crowd as The Shield watch from the ringside area and we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Miz getting a near fall on a downed Rollins, The Bar then take out Ambrose on the arena floor. Rollins gets back in the ring and he drops Miz, Sheamus tags in and Rollins gets him on the ring apron after a roll up. Sheamus gets to the top rope and Rollins nails him with a super kick as he leaps off, Reigns tags in and he immediately cleans house on the opposing team. Reigns traps Cesaro in the corner while nailing him with clothesline strikes, Reigns follows that up with a Samoan drop on Cesaro.

Reigns sets up for a superman punch and Miz blocks him from doing so, Rollins then takes out Miz with a suicide dive. Cesaro drops a distracted Reigns for a near fall, Rollins returns and now he takes out Sheamus with a suicide dive. Reigns then hits Cesaro with a superman punch, Reigns goes for a spear and Cesaro nails him with a European uppercut. Miz tags in and he rolls up Reigns for a near fall, Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale and Rollins breaks it up with a knee strike. Ambrose then hits Miz with the Dirty Deeds, Reigns then connects with the spear from out of nowhere on a distracted Miz. The Shield hit Miz with the triple power bomb for the three count.

Winners: The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins)

- Highlights from Kane turning on Braun Strowman at WWE TLC air.

- Kane talks backstage, he says that all he has to do to defeat Braun Strowman tonight is to do what he did to him at WWE TLC.

- WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle is in the ring and he talks about Jason Jordan’s injury from earlier tonight, then he says Jordan cannot compete at WWE Survivor Series. Jordan comes out on stage and he pleads with Angle to keep him on Team Raw, Jordan says he wants to fight side by side with his father. Jordan admits that his father is his idol, Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring and she wants him to announce a new member for Team Raw. Triple H makes his way to the ring and he is angry, Triple H grabs the microphone from Angle and he announces that he is replacing Jordan on the team. HHH then hits Jordan with a Pedigree as Angle looks on in shock.

Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs. Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows

The match begins with Joe shoving Balor down during an argument, Anderson jumps Balor from behind and he nails him with a few strikes. Balor recovers to trap Anderson in the corner, Joe tags in and he stomps away on a downed Anderson. Balor tags back in as Joe hits the ring to drop Gallows with a clothesline as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Joe working over Anderson with elbow strikes. Balor tags in and he assaults Anderson with strikes in the corner, Balor drops Anderson and he goes to the top rope.

Gallows distracts Balor and Anderson crotches him on the top rope, Gallows tags in and he drops Balor with a super kick. Gallows then crushes a downed Balor with multiple elbow drops for a near fall, Anderson tags back in and he mauls Balor with strikes in the corner. Anderson holds Balor down while applying a chin lock, Anderson also starts wrenching away on the arm of Balor. Balor tries fighting back and Anderson catches him with a spine buster as we go to another commercial break, we return from the break to see Gallows holding Balor in a chin lock.

Gallows releases the hold before missing the follow up elbow drop, Balor then nails Gallows with an overhead kick before tagging Joe in. Joe hits the ring and he cleans house on the opposing team, Joe then drops Anderson with an enzaguri in the corner. Balor tags in and he nails gallows with a penalty kick on the arena floor, Joe then hits Anderson with a uranage before taking out Gallows with a suicide dive. Balor nails Anderson with a Cupe De Grace for the three count.

Winners: Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

- Charly Caruso interviews WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, who says that she is interested to see who wins the Smackdown Women’s Title Match tomorrow night and she may be there live to check it out.

- Kane attacks Braun Strowman before their match can begin, Strowman quickly recovers and he attacks Kane until Kane rolls out of the ring. Strowman beats up Kane on the arena floor and Kane tries fighting back a few times, Strowman tries crushing Kane’s head into the barricade. Kane recovers and he throws Strowman into the ring steps, Kane finds a table and he sets it up on the arena floor. Kane also finds a steel chair and he attacks Strowman with it, Kane looks for a choke slam and Strowman breaks free before attacking him with the steel chair.

Strowman goes to the top rope and he drags Kane up there with him, Strowman and Kane exchange strikes until Kane falls in the ring. Strowman nails Kane with a middle rope axe handle drop, Strowman then power slams Kane right through the ring as the show comes to a close.

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