WWE Raw Results For 7/31- A Battle Of The Giants, Reigns vs. Strowman vs. Joe & Brock Lesnar Appears

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The show starts with a video package with Raw GM Kurt Angle announcing the WWE Universal Title Match for WWE Summerslam.

WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring and he welcomes the fans to Monday Night Raw, then he announces Big Show versus Big Cass for tonight. Angle also says Jason Jordan will appear on Miz TV tonight, plus the triple threat match main event for tonight. Angel says tonight marks the 21st anniversary of when he won a Olympic Gold Medal with a broken neck, Angle then thanks the fans for his support and Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman.

Heyman says he figured out the scam and the “angle” that Angle is playing, Heyman says that Angle needs to take the WWE Universal Title of Brock Lesnar. Heyman talks about all three opponents that Lesnar must face at WWE Summerslam, Heyman wants to rename the event “WWE Summerlam 17: Brock Lesnar Loses The WWE Title.” Heyman says that of Lesnar loses the title at WWE Summerslam, then he and Lesnar will leave the WWE. Heyman also promises that Lesnar will not lose the title at Summerslam.

The Hardy Boyz are walking around backstage.

The Revival are at the commentary booth for the upcoming match.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) vs. Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson

The match begins with Matt working a headlock on Anderson, Matt then drops Anderson with a shoulder tackle. Matt drags Anderson to the ground while applying another headlock, Anderson breaks things up by nailing Matt with a back suplex. Matt reapplies the headlock to Anderson before tagging Jeff in, Jeff works the arm of Anderson before tagging Matt back in. Matt nails the injured arm of Anderson with a middle rope axe handle drop, Jeff tags in and he double teams Anderson with his brother. Gallows interferes and Matt works him over in the corner, The Hardy Boyz nail Gallows with Poetry In Motion as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Gallows working over Jeff in the corner before getting a near fall, Jeff dazes Gallows by nailing him with a jaw breaker followed by a Twist Of Fate. Anderson tags in and he blocks Jeff from tagging his brother in, Anderson misses a charge into the corner and Matt gets tagged in. Matt quickly attacks Anderson with a running clothesline in the corner followed by a bulldog, Matt then nails Anderson with a rope assisted side effect. Matt catches Anderson with a second side effect for a near fall, Anderson distracts the referee and Gallows attacks Matt from behind.

Gallows tags in and he teams with Anderson as they go for the Magic Killer, Jeff hits the ring and he breaks up the Magic Killer. Anderson is sent out of the ring as Matt nails gallows with a Twist Of Fate, Jeff tags in and hits Gallows with a swanton bomb for the three count.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff)

After the match, a brawl breaks out between The Hardy Boyz, The Revival and Doc Gallows/Karl Anderson. The Hardy Boyz take everybody out to come out on top in the brawl.

Renee Young is backstage and interviewing Dean Ambrose, but first highlights are shown from the main event of last week’s WWE Raw. Ambrose says he and Seth Rollins looked good last week, Rollins arrives and he says that he agrees that they looked good as a team last week. Ambrose says he still doesn’t trust Rollins and he says he doesn’t want to get burned by him again.

Seth Rollins is backstage when he runs into Sheamus & Cesaro, who says they are the exact opposite of Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Sheamus & Cesaro say they trust each other, but Ambrose is never going to trust Rollins ever again. Rollins gets angry and he challenges one of them to a match tonight, Sheamus is the one who steps up to the challenge.

Cedrick Alexander, Akira Tozawa & Rich Swann w/ Titus O’Neil vs. TJP, Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari

The match begins with Nese showing off the muscles to Alexander, Alexander takes Nese down with a head scissors followed by a drop kick. Daivari tags in and Alexander takes him down with an arm drag, Swann tags in and he nails Daivari with a hurricarana. Swann starts working over the arm of Daivari, Tozawa tags in and he catches the injured arm of Daivari with a top rope axe handle drop. Tozawa follows that up by nailing Daivari with a senton bomb, Daivari recovers and he drops Tozawa on his injured shoulder as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Daivari working over the injured shoulder of Tozawa, Tozawa breaks free and he nails Daivari with a shining wizard. Swann and TJP get the tags from their respective partners, Swann quickly cleans house on the opposing team. Alexander hits the ring and he works with Swann to take out their opponents with suicide dives, Daivari is out of the ring and Tozawa catches him with a suicide dive. Nese gets tripped up on the arena floor and that allows Swann to tag Tozawa in, Swann drops TJP with a kick and Tozawa nails him with a top rope senton bomb for the three count.

Winners: Cedrick Alexander, Akira Tozawa & Rich Swann w/ Titus O’Neil

The Miz comes to the ring with Maryse and The Miztourage because it is time for Miz TV. The Miz starts off the proceedings by telling everybody how much he hates Pittsburgh, The Miz then welcomes everybody to Miz TV. Jason Jordan is then introduced and he makes his way to the ring, Jordan tries to answer questions from The Miz and The Miz continuously interrupts him. Jordan calls The Miz the expert of receiving fan hatred, The Miz offers Jordan the chance to allow him to guide his career. Jordan turns down the offer from The Miz, this prompts an angry Miz to talk about all of his career accomplishments.

The Miz makes the offer again and Jordan turns down the offer again, The Miz then accuses Jordan of being handed everything by his father. Miz starts insulting Kurt Angle by calling him a washed up old jock, Miz calls Angle a sad and broken man who wants to relive his glory days. Jordan warns The Miz to say nothing more about his father, Miz tries attacking Jordan and Jordan suplexes him into The Miztourage.

A Roman Reigns video package airs next, Reigns says he will send Braun Strowman back to hell and he defeats Samoa Joe every time they would meet in a fair wrestling match.

Seth Rollins is walking around backstage. 

Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus w/Cesaro

The match begins with Sheamus backing Rollins into the corner before a little taunting takes place, Sheamus takes Rollins down with a headlock. Sheamus releases the hold and he drops Rollins with a shoulder tackle, Rollins catches Sheamus with a knee strike followed by a drop kick. Rollins traps Sheamus in the ropes and Sheamus cracks him with an elbow strike, Rollins recovers and he knocks Sheamus out of the ring with a drop kick. Cesaro distracts Rollins and that allows Sheamus to drag him out of the ring, Sheamus then tosses Rollins into the barricade as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Sheamus and Rollins battling on the top rope, Sheamus catches Rollins with a middle rope Finaly roll for a near fall. Rollins recovers and he drops Sheamus neck first on the top rope, Sheamus catches a leaping Rollins before cracking him with a back breaker. Sheamus then attacks Rollins with a shoulder ram in the corner, Sheamus leaps off the top rope and Rollins catches him after he lands to plant him into the turnbuckle. Rollins then attacks a dazed Sheamus with a series of strikes followed by an enzaguri, Sheamus rolls out of the ring and Rollins catches him with a suicide dive.

Sheamus gets back into the ring and Rollins nails him with a springboard clothesline, Rollins follows that up by nailing Sheamus with a sling blade. Cesaro interferes and Rollins takes care of him, Rollins catches Sheamus with a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match, Sheamus and Cesaro attack Rollins and Dean Ambrose is nowhere in sight. Sheamus and Cesaro leave before returning to the ring to attack Rollins, Ambrose finally hits the ring and he gets laid out as well.

A Samoa Joe video package airs next, with comments from Joe about his opponents for tonight.

Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring, Wyatt says that the Pittsburgh crowd and Finn balor are both hiding from their sins. Wyatt says he sees everything because he is everywhere, Wyatt says the fans have been infected with the sickness of hope because they try to live through Balor. Wyatt says he knows what Balor truly is and that is a man who is a shell of who he never was, then says Balor is living off of borrowed time. Wyatt says the he attacked Balor last week to make him a mangled body of broken promises, Wyatt also tells Balor that there is no escape.

The lights go out and Finn Balor appears in the ring when they come on, Balor then cracks Wyatt with a pele kick that knocks him out of the ring. Balor attacks Wyatt on the arena floor and knocks him into the crowd, Wyatt retreats as Balor’s theme music plays.

A video package about Braun Strowman airs, with comments from Strowman.

Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

The match begins with Strowman dropping Joe with a forearm strike, Strowman traps both opponents in the corner before crushing them with multiple avalanches. Strowman then tosses both of his opponents to the arena floor as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Strowman choking Joe in the corner. Joe breaks free and he works with Reigns to drop Strowman to the arena floor, Reigns turns on Joe and he drops him with a few clotheslines. Joe recovers and he catches Reigns in an arm bar, Strowman breaks things up by dragging Joe out of the ring and throwing him into the barricade.

Reigns goes to the arena floor and he brawls with Strowman into the crowd, Strowman fights back and he tosses Reigns back to the ringside area. Joe locks Strowman in the rear naked choke while bending him on the barricade, Reigns breaks everything up and he fights Joe on the arena floor. Joe recovers to throw Reigns into the barricade before landing an enzaguri, Reigns and Joe battle into the ring and Reigns mauls Joe with clothesline strikes in the corner. Reigns then drops Joe with a running boot to the face, Joe rolls to the arena floor and Reigns nails him with a superman punch.

Reigns charges at a recovering Strowman and Strowman kicks him right in the face, Strowman picks up Reigns and throws him into the ring post. Joe comes to and Strowman drops him with a clothesline, Strowman then tosses Reigns into the ring steps. Strowman waits for Joe to stand up before nailing him with a running knee strike, Strowman picks up Reigns and he propels him into the ring. Strowman grabs the ring steps and he throws them into the ring, Joe drops Strowman on the arena floor and then hits him with a senton bomb. Joe gets into the ring and he crushes Reigns with a senton bomb for a near fall, Joe locks Reigns in the rear naked choke until Strowman breaks it up.

Strowman then catches Joe with a power slam for a near fall, Strowman grabs Reigns and he smashes him into the turnbuckles multiple times. Strowman looks to throw the ring steps at Reigns and Reigns nails him with a superman punch, Reigns then knocks Strowman out of the ring. Reigns catches Joe with a spear for the three count.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Highlights from last weeks Raw airs, where we see Big Cass lay out both Enzo Amore and Big Show.

Enzo Amore approaches Big Show in the locker room, Enzo thanks Show for helping him out last week. Show promises to teach Big Cass a lesson tonight.

Elias is in the ring and he prepares to perform a song for the crowd, but he talks about defeating Finn Balor last week. Elias reminisces about the people of Pittsburgh and he starts performing his song, the song is Elias just ripping on the city and the people. Kalisto interrupts the song and we have our next match.

Elias vs. Kalisto

The match begins with Elias powering Kalisto into the ropes before backing away, Kalisto grabs Elias and holds him in a headlock. Kalisto uses the headlock to drag Elias to the mat, Kalisto releases the hold and he attacks Elias with a series of kicks. Kalisto looks for the head scissors and Elias propels him to the arena floor as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Elias holding Kalisto in a modified camel clutch. Elias releases the hold and he attacks Kalisto with a series of knee strikes, Elias reapplies the camel clutch to Kalisto. Kalisto uses a jaw breaker to fight back and Elias drops him with a boot to the face, Elias traps Kalisto in the corner and he mauls him with strikes.

Elias pulls Kalisto out of the corner and he catches him with a back breaker for a near fall, Elias drops Kalisto again for another near fall. Elias then stretches Kalisto out on his shoulder before just slamming him onto the ground, Kalisto starts fighting back and he kicks Elias right in the face. Kalisto then hits Elias with a springboard seated senton, Elias recovers and he nails Kalisto with a knee strike followed by Drift Away for the three count.

Winner: Elias

Alexa Bliss is interviewed backstage, Bliss says she was happy that Bayley is facing her at WWE Summerslam. Bliss says the people who accused her of getting intentionally counted out at WWE Great Balls Of Fire are wrong and she can’t believe Sasha Banks lost to Bayley last week.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose is recovering from his earlier beating when Seth Rollins arrives to thank him for helping him when he was attacked. Ambrose accuses Rollins of making him look like the bad guy if he didn’t save him, then Ambrose darts out of the locker room.

Bayley vs. Nia Jax

The match begins with Bayley nailing Jax with a few strikes, Bayley then wraps the arm of Jax around the ropes while pulling away on it. Jax gets mad and she drops Bayley with a headbutt, Bayley fights back and she locks Jax in a sleeper hold. Jax throws Bayley off of her before just tossing her out of the ring as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Jax holding Bayley in the full nelson. Bayley breaks free and she shoves Jax into the corner a few times, Bayley then attacks Jax with a few knee strikes.

Jax recovers and she picks up Bayley before dropping her face first on the mat below, Bayley rolls out of the ring and is in pain. Bayley makes it back into the ring and Jax stomps away on her, Jax then crushes Bayley with an avalanche in the corner. Bayley starts fighting back again and she nails Jax with a series of kicks, Jax quickly drops Bayley with a shoulder block before missing an elbow drop. Bayley then nails a dazed Jax with a bulldog followed by a drop kick, Jax rolls ro the ring apron and Bayley catches her with a running knee strike that knocks her to the arena floor.

Bayley dives off the ring apron on Jax and they both crash on the arena floor, Alexa Bliss tries interfering and Jax takes her out. Jax goes after Bayley and she crashes into the ring steps, Bayley makes it back into the ring and Jax doesn’t as the referee counts her out.

Winner: Bayley, by count out

After the match, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax try to attack Bayley, but Bayley gets out of dodge.

Renee Young interviews Big Cass, who says he knew the Big Show has Enzo talking for him, Cass says there is now way that he is getting a lesson in respect from the Big Show.

Enzo Amore hits the ring and he cuts a promo before the upcoming match, Enzo talks about the terrible things Big Cass has done in recent weeks. Amore then says Big Show will leave Cass a beaten man tonight, Enzo then introduces Big Show.

Big Show jumps Big Cass as he enters the ring, then the referee rings the bell for the match to begin.

Big Show vs. Big Cass

The match begins with Show attacking Cass with some strikes in the corner, Cass fights back and Show nails him with a headbutt followed by more chops. Cass nails a charging Show with a back elbow strike followed by some punches, Show gets angry and he tosses Cass out of the ring. Cass gets to the ring apron before dropping Show throat first along the top rope, Cass returns to the ring and Show drops him with a shoulder tackle. Show then slams Cass before landing an elbow drop for a near fall, Show goes for a chokeslam and Cass escapes before chop blocking his leg.

Cass wrenches away on the injured leg of Show, Show starts fighting back and Cass drops him with a boot to the face. Cass leaps off the middle rope and Show clobbers him with a chop, Show then drops Cass with a series of clotheslines. Cass recovers and he drops a charging Show with a boot to the face, Enzo Amore jumps Cass from behind to cause a disqualification.

Winner: Big Cass, by DQ

After the match, Big Cass lays out Enzo Amore and then Big Show clobbers him with a knockout punch.

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