WWE Reportedly Planning A Kurt Angle vs Triple H Match

Ever since his return to the WWE fold, Kurt Angle has said that he's ready to wrestle whenever the company clears him.

Well, according to a report by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, when they do, they've got a match all planned out for him. Against his old nemesis Triple H.

It is not yet known when this match would happen, but it is expected to be the endgame of the "Mysterious Texts" storyline that has been going on between Angle and Corey Graves. With Stephanie McMahon expected back on TV soon, it's possible that her return may be the catalyst that sets this all in motion.

Angle and Triple H have had several memorable 1 on 1 matches in the past, including bouts at Unforgiven 2000, Royal Rumble 2001 and No Way Out 2002.

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