WWE Smackdown Live Match Ratings 8/28/18 From Sean Ross Sapp, Podcast Notes

5 Timers Celebration

  • The New Day are out to tout their success as five time champions. They are interrupted by a returning King Booker, full with cape and scepter.
  • Booker has a royal decree. Lord Xavier the Wise. Sir Kofi the Brave. Big E is upset he doesn't get an addition to his name. Booker says he already has "Big" in his name.
  • Big E says Booker went "Full Saxton." That got such a fantastic pop.
  • A year or two ago, Booker legit didn't think he'd be able to ever Spinaroonie again.
  • This was a harmless segment and was good to see Booker again.
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The Bar defeated The Good Brothers and The Colons

  • I'm just glad to see Karl Anderson and Gallows back in action. For as hard as these two have worked to get in great shape, it's nice to see them back.
  • I'd imagine the pressure is on the Colons. There are like ten teams on their level that haven't had a decade and a half dozen shots to get over. Primo debuted on the WWE roster ten years ago last week.
  • The Colons go the methodical heel route in this match, but The Bar take over during the first commercial and hit Anderson with a Decapitation elbow.
  • Babyface Karl Anderson is outstanding. Gallows get the hot tag and busts out a muay thai head kick. He catches Primo in the air with a kick.
  • New Day are doing commentary ringside for this.
  • Anderson spinebuster, a 2D from The Good Brothers, but Epico hits a backstabber on a Magic Killer attempt.
  • The Bar run wild and get the win after the Colons get a Double Backstabber on Gallows.
  • "SERIES OF MATCHES," not a tourney I guess.
  • Backstage Paige tells Rusev Day that they're facing The Usos and Sanity next week. The winners face the Bar and get "one step closer" to a tag title shot at Hell in a Cell.
  • Rusev's reaction when he found out that Aiden English got them the match was great.


  • Jeff Hardy comes out and cuts his typical weirdo promo. The point being that he wants Randy Orton to come out.
  • Hardy is such a shit promo. He cuts of RKO with "NO" and challenges Orton to Hell in a Cell.
  • Oh shit Jeff Hardy is gonna jump from the ceiling through the cell roof with Randy Orton dangling from his earlobe.

Billie Kay (w/ Peyton Royce) defeated Naomi

  • IIconics promo, all is forgiven. They trash the Toronto Raptors and the crowd chants over top of them. This was pretty good.
  • Howling at Graves' Great Muta name drop about the color in Naomi's hair.
  • I think Billie Kay fits her role really well. I don't think she'll be a world champion, but she can handle herself in the ring and sell.
  • Peyton cheats and helps Billie emerge victorious with a roll up.
  • That was Billie Kay's first singles win on the main roster, and her first televised singles win since November 2016 in NXT

Daniel Bryan (w/ Brie Bella) defeated Andrade 'Cien' Almas (w/ Zelina Vega) via dq

  • Daniel Bryan is on the mic, saying The Miz got what he deserved. A pretty basic promo that sees him get interrupted by Andrade "Cien" Almas and Zelina Vega.
  • Their promo isn't that great, either.
  • From an on-screen character perspective, is Paige the most competent babyface GM ever? She makes Almas vs. Bryan after she "ran from her office."
  • Bryan has wanted this match for a long, long time.
  • Bryan dropkicks Almas out of Tranquilo.
  • Almas applies an inverted Gory Special, but gets slapped up REAL HARD. Yes kicks follow, but Almas connects with a big knee and gets to eager and crashes and burns on a second attempt.
  • Almas uses the teep feint kick to set up the back elbow. Beautiful.
  • We see a belly-to-belly superplex, and Miz comes out to distract Bryan. Instead, he eats a suicide dive.
  • Spinning reverse DDT out of the corner after a beautiful 360 plancha gets two for Almas.
  • Bryan has the Yes Lock applied, and Maryse attacks Brie. Miz jumps Bryan for the DQ and Almas hits the Hammerlock DDT and Miz applies the Yes Lock.
  • They make Brie watch in the corner, then Zelina flies in with her knees. Maryse DDTs Brie, and Miz SKFs Bryan.
  • The promos were boring, but the action and beatdown were both incredible.


  • AJ Styles has a promo in the ring, but we see Samoa Joe on the Titantron in the parking lot instead.
  • Joe phones up an angry Wendy Styles and trolls her. Styles goes hunting.

Smackdown Women's Championship
Charlotte Flair (c) defeated Carmella

  • Carmella is interviewed, and R-Truth comes sneaking up. Tye Dillinger tries to talk sense into her.
  • Charlotte Flair refuses to apologize and says Becky Lynch can't win the big one. She says she's busted her ass to be successful.
  • Carmella shoves Charlotte off the top rope to the outside after some big "we want Becky" chants.
  • What did Charlotte say that they bleeped out? She got kicked right in the....surgical area. Carmella gets a flatliner for two.
  • Charlotte counters Stratusphere briefly, but Carmella makes it happen. I am here for Superworker Carmella, daughter of Paul Van Dale. She'd hit a suicide dive earlier in the match.
  • A couple of superkicks land for Carmella, but no win.
  • Charlotte gets the win with a Natural Selection and Figure 8 that Carmella fought through. This was a good match.
  • Becky attacks Charlotte, calls her a bitch, and says she's taking her title back at Hell in a Cell.


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