WWE Survivor Series 2020 - Dual-Brand Battle Royal Result

Inter-Brand Battle Royal
Participants include Ricochet, Jeff Hardy, Elias, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, John Morrison, The Miz, Humberto Carrillo, Angel Garza, Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, Kalisto, Murphy, Shinsuke Nakamura, Chad Gable, Apollo Crews, Dominik Mysterio & Rey Mysterio

The match begins with an all out brawl between everybody in the match, Miz and Morrison double team Dominik before trying to eliminate him. Dominik clotheslines Morrison out of the ring for an elimination, Rey and Kalisto battle in the middle of the ring. Benjamin and Alexander work together to attack Rey and Kalisto, Alexander eventually eliminates Kalisto from the match. Ziggler and Roode double team a cornered Rey, Rey sets up for a 619 and Ziggler drills him with a super kick before eliminating him. Carrillo goes for a top rope arm drag and Garza eliminates him, Garza gets double teamed next by Alexander and Benjamin until they eliminate him. Crews battles Murphy while Gable attacks Dominik, Ricochet battles Benjamin and Alexander before getting Alexander to the ring apron. Ricochet eventually eliminates Alexander before getting eliminated by Benjamin, Crew sneaks up behind Benjamin to eliminate him. Murphy tries eliminating Ziggler and Ziggler gets him out on the ring apron as well, Roode helps Ziggler and he eliminates Murphy.

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Dominik eliminates Roode before Ziggler drags him to the ring apron, Ziggler knocks Dominik into the ring post. Ziggler misses a charge at Dominik and Dominik drop kicks him to the arena floor for an elimination, Elias and Crews double team Miz. Nakamura battles Crews before missing a running knee strike, Crews goes to the ring apron and Nakamura works with Elias to eliminate him. Hardy gets Nakamura to the ring apron and he drop kicks him to the arena floor for an elimination, Elias and Hardy do battle in the ring. Hardy gets Elias to the ring apron and Hardy eliminates him after landing a mule kick, Hardy battles Gable while Miz battles Dominik. Gable quickly eliminates Hardy before Miz drops him with a boot to the face, Miz starts attacking Dominik with some It Kicks. Miz goes to eliminate Dominik and Dominik dumps him onto the ring apron, Miz makes it back under the ropes before Dominik knocks him out of the ring. Gable nails Dominik with multiple belly to belly suplexes, Gable goes to eliminate Dominik and he attacks him with more strikes. Dominik fights back before missing a 619 and landing one on the second attempt, Dominik eliminates Gable and Miz sneaks behind him for the final elimination.

Winner: The Miz (Raw)

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