WWE TLC 2020 - WWE Universal Championship TLC Match: Roman Reigns vs, Kevin Owens Result

WWE Universal Championship TLC Match

Roman Reigns (c) w/Jey Uso vs Kevin Owens

First Semifinal Match Set In NXT Breakout Tournament

KO attacks Roman when he's coming out to the ring before driving him into the barricade and steps before hitting a frog splash off of the apron. KO attacks Jey with a chair before clearing the announce table and Roman hits him with a drive by out of nowhere. Roman hits Kevin with the steps and a ladder once they're in the ring before back dropping him across a pair of chairs and Kevin comes back by hitting Roman with a chair. Kevin hits a fisherman's suplex through a pair of chairs set up before Jey attacks Kevin when he climbs the ladder and Roman drops KO with a superman punch. Kevin comes back and superkicks Jey before hitting Roman with a stunner before hitting a pop-up powerbomb to Jey through the announce table. Roman and Kevin exchange on the ladder before Roman powerbombs KO onto a ladder on the mat before putting him through a table at ringside. Kevin gets back in and grabs the ankle of Roman when he goes to climb the ladder before Roman gets down and KO slaps him. Roman spears KO through a table before missing a spear through the barricade and Roman gets back in and drags Kevin down when he nearly grabs the belt. KO superkicks Roman before Roman counters a pop up powerbomb and superman punches KO before KO hits a pop-up powerbomb through a table. KO nearly gets the title before Jey drags him down and KO hits him with a stunner before climbing the ladder and Roman low blows him before locking in a guillotine on the ladder. Roman then chokes KO unconscious before he falls down and Roman grabs the belt to retain his title.

Winner: Roman Reigns retains his Universal Championship by defeating Kevin Owens when he climbs the ladder and grabs his title.

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