This is the Fightful.com live viewing party for tonight's edition of WWE Smackdown! Live's last event of the year, WWE TLC! Tonight is sure to be jam packed with action and great matches as we will have tables, ladders and chairs and maybe even a little blood! In our main event we have the Phenomenal Face That Runs The Place and the Champ That Runs The Camp, AJ Styles defending his WWE World Championship against Dean Ambrose in a TLC match, Becky Lynch defends her WWE Smackdown Women's Championship against Alexa Bliss in a Tables match and to round out the championship matches we have The Miz trying to settle the score with Dolph Ziggler in a Ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship!

We also have the Wyatt Family trying to become the WWE Smackdown Tag Team champions and much more so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for what should be a great show, with a live podcast after!

WWE To Hold Two-Day Tryout At IMG Academy

-We have Alexa Bliss backstage answering questions, first off saying her inspiration would be Trish Stratus as well as Rey Mysterio then says she has no doubts coming into this match tonight. Finally Alexa says she can be a much better champion than Becky and that she is the definition of what the new era women's champion should look like, then she finally asks Tom why he thinks she should be, but he hesitates then she leaves.

American Alpha, Hype Bros & Apollo Crews vs The Ascension, The Vaudevillians & Curt Hawkins

Curt and Crews start it off and Crews drops him repeatedly, showing off his athleticism then hitting a dropkick for a quick 2 count, Zack coming in against Curt who quickly tags in Viktor who drops Zack before mocking him then Zack hits a neckbreaker for a quick 2 count of his own. Mojo comes in and he scoops Viktor then Viktor tags in Konnor then Aiden comes in and gets dropped by a right hand by Mojo. Jordan comes in and focuses on the arm of English as Gable tags himself in then take out everyone but Gotch on the apron then hit a double dropkick on him to send him to the outside. Everyone throws each other out of the ring then Crews is the only person left standing, everyone squaring off and exchanging then the faces throw the heels out of the ring.as we go to commercial.

Curt gets a quick 2 count on Gable then puts a rear chin lock on him, but Chad powers out of it quickly then Viktor comes in and keeps Chad isolated in their corner for a quick 2 count. Konnor comes in and gets a quick 2 count then puts a headlock on Gable, but he rolls through, VIktor tagging in Konnor who breaks it up then Viktor comes back into the ring. English gets tagged in then he tags in Gotch and they double team Chad for a quick 2 count. Gable finally tags in Jordan who cleans house with the entire heel team then hits an Olympic slam for a close 2 count that English breaks up then Crews catches Hawkins and suplexes him to the outside onto the heel team then AA hit Grand Amplitude on Gotch for the pin and the win.

Winner: American Alpha via pinfall

-Before they come out for their match Randy's music hits then it morphs into the Wyatt Family theme.

The Wyatt Family vs Heath Slater & Rhyno WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

Rhyno and Bray start it off with Rhyno in control early then Bray comes back and tags in Randy who chops Randy repeatedly then drops him, tagging in Heath who hits Randy with a series of strikes, but Randy drops him then Heath hits a leg lariat that drops Randy again as Luke Harper distracts the referee, allowing Bray to yank Heath to the floor. Randy does his trademark stomps then tags in Bray who hits Heath with a series of forearms for a quick 2 count. Bray splashes into Heath then plays to the crowd for another quick 2 count before throwing him out of the ring. Rhyno takes out Harper on the outside then Randy hits an RKO to Rhyno on the inside once Rhyno is legally tagged in for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Wyatt Family via pinfall

Carmella vs Nikki Bella No Disqualification Match

Carmella goes to the outside then Nikki chases her then they roll around in the ring then go back out and Carmella hits a head scissor onto Nikki who runs into the stairs then Carmella tosses her into the barricade. When Nikki gets back in the ring Carmella focuses on her injured leg for a quick 2 count then hits a suplex into the ropes for another quick 2 count. Nikki rolls her up for a quick 2 count then Carmella suplexes her into the ropes yet again for another quick 2 count, following up by tying her into the tree of woe then Carmella goes under the ring and gets a Kendo stick. Carmella mocks her then hits her with the stick repeatedly for a quick 1 count, Carmella becoming visibly frustrated then puts on The Code of Silence, but Nikki hits her with the stick to get out of it. Nikki hits Carmella with the stick around the ring until Carmella kicks her leg out from under her. Nikki sprays Carmella with a fire extinguisher repeatedly then hits the Rack Attack 2.0 for the pin and the win.

Winner: Nikki Bella via pinfall

-After the match Carmella tells Nikki that it was Natalya who attacked her at Survivor Series.

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

They walk around then stand toe to toe before Dolph drops Miz then pounds him in the corner, each teasing their finishers then Miz sends Dolph over the top rope, Miz hitting a wrecking ball dropkick as Dolph tries to get a ladder out from under the ring. Miz drops Dolph on the ramp with a boot then picks up the ladder then tries to drop it on Dolph, but he moves out of the way and Dolph tosses him into another ladder. Miz hits a drop toe hold and sends Dolph's face into a ladder on the floor then Miz hits Dolph with the ladder repeatedly before putting it over him in the corner and dropkicking it. Miz gets on top of the ladder then sits Dolph on the top rope, but Miz falls off and hits his face on the ladder before Dolph hits an elbow drop off the ladder. Dolph drops Miz with a clothesline when he tries to climb the ladder then Dolph sends Miz out of the ring and goes up the ladder, but Miz knocks it over and Dolph falls onto the ropes. Dolph tries to go up again and Miz stops him then ties his leg up in the ladder before knocking it over. Miz puts a figure four leg lock on Dolph, but he gets out of it then goes for the Zig Zag, but Miz counters and hits a Skull Crushing Finale face first into the mat right by the ladder. The Miz sets the ladder up then grabs the belt, but Dolph sends the ladder into him and he falls. Miz seemingly hurts his leg and clutches it on the outside. They manage to slingshot themselves into a ladder then Miz tries to climb the ladder with one leg, both seemingly on one leg at this point. They exchange strikes on two ladders then Miz falls off and Dolph goes to grab the belt, but Miz runs back up and low blows him repeatedly, grabbing the belt for the win.

Winner: The Miz via pinfall

Baron Corbin vs Kalisto Chairs Match

Corbin grabs Kalisto immediately after he fights off his attempt at hitting him with a chair then Kalisto hits a head scissor that makes Corbin sit on the chair then Kalisto dropkicks him out of it to the floor then uses it to springboard himself over the top rope. Corbin hammers Kalisto at ringside with forearms then tosses him around the arena with the help of his shirt he's taken off and put around Kalisto's neck. Corbin rolls him back into the ring for a quick 2 count then hits a type of a chokeslam for another quick 2 count before putting at least five chairs in the ring, setting six of them up then Kalisto hits a drop toe hold that sends Corbin face first into a turnbuckle that has a chair wedged between it. Kalisto hits Corbin in the gut with a chair then hits a seated senton into the pile of chairs for a close 2 count. Kalisto dives out after Corbin, but he's caught and Corbin hits a Deep Six on the floor then rolls Kalisto back into the ring for a close 2 count, hitting him with a series of forearms after mounting him then kicks some of the chairs away and then decides to pile them up. Kalisto is on the outside as Corbin goes out after him then Corbin misses a chair shot as Kalisto crawls around on the floor around the arena. Kalisto puts a chair on Corbin in the ring and hits a moonsault off of it and onto Corbin and the chair for a close 2 count then hits him repeatedly with a chair before piling them up then Corbin hits him in mid air with a chair then hits The End of Days onto the pile of chairs for the pin and the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin via pinfall

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Tables Match

Becky backs Alexa into a corner then pounds on her before going to the outside and grabbing a table, but Alexa hits a cannon ball dropkick and throws Becky against the barricade. Becky drops Alexa with a clothesline then tosses her into the barricade repeatedly. Becky hits a suplex once they're back into the ring after hitting Alexa with a flapjack then grabs a table from under the ring, setting it up at ringside. Becky goes to suplex Alexa out of the ring, but she counters her only to be countered back then Alexa stomps on Becky in the corner. Alexa chokes Becky in the ropes then smashes her face into the mat repeatedly before getting a table of her own. Alexa throws Becky into the ring post then slides the table into the ring first then Becky in next. Alexa sets the table up then stomps Becky in the corner once more, but Becky reverses then they exchange forearms, but Alexa gets the upper hand. Alexa sets Becky on the table, but she gets up as soon as she goes to the top rope then Becky falls off and knocks the table over. Alexa sets the table up in the corner then Becky drops her repeatedly then goes for an exploder through the table, but Alexa counters then hits Insult To Injury. Becky goes to put Alexa through the table, but Alexa knocks it over then hits a DDT onto the upside down table before Becky puts Alexa in the Disarmer using the leg of the table for leverage then a uranage before going to set up the table once more. Becky puts the table on the bottom rope then lies Alexa on top of it before climbing the top rop then Alexa kicks her in the face and yanks her off of the top rope then hits a shotgun dropkick. Becky sends Alexa face first into the table then they fight on the apron before Alexa powerbombs Becky off the apron and through the table for the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose WWE World Championship TLC Match


Dean is in control early then AJ hits him with a chair when he tries to get back in the ring then they each climb the ladder repeatedly before Dean hits AJ with the ladder. Dean sends AJ over the top rope then Dean smashes AJ on the ramp, throwing him onto table and drops tables on him  then sits down in a chair. Dean throws AJ face first into a chair then suplexes AJ onto the ramp, setting up a table then picks him up and lies him down on the table. Dean climbs a huge ladder, but AJ gets off and runs away. Dean puts AJ in a trash can then sends AJ over the barricade at ringside, diving off of it, but AJ hits a dropkick in mid-air. Dean hits AJ with a chair then goes in the ring and sits up the ladder and climbs it then AJ knocks him off of it. AJ then picks up a ladder and hits Dean with it then scoops down down onto the ladder and follows up with a knee drop then Dean launches AJ into the ladder before throwing the ladder out of the ring at AJ then goes out after him. Dean brings a table in the ring, but AJ comes back in with a chair and hits Dean from behind with it then in the gut then in the back once again. AJ hits a side slam through a chair he sits up then AJ brings four chairs into the ring and sits four of them up then goes for a suplex, but Dean counters and puts AJ through the chairs with an inside out suplex. Dean suplexes AJ onto a chair then hits an elbow drop off the top rope with one before going back to the table and sits it up in the corner. AJ hits a flurry of strikes then they counter each other then AJ suplexes Dean through the table. AJ hits a dropkick then Dean hits a lariat then Dean goes to the top rope and AJ meets him then Dean goes to suplex AJ through two tables at ringside, but AJ counters then goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Dean counters and goes for Dirty Deeds, but that's countered then Dean sends AJ out of the ring. Dean goes through the ropes then smashes AJ's face into the announce table before lying AJ onto a table then grabs a ladder and sets it up on one of the three announce tables. Dean climbs the ladder then jumps off of it and hits an elbow drop onto AJ through the table. Dean then puts a ladder in the ring and sets it up then climbs it, but AJ hits a Phenomenal Forearm out of no where and knocks him off of the ladder. They each climb the ladder then exchange right hands before falling off of the ladder then they tease their finishers and Dean sends AJ into the ladder. AJ puts Dean on a table on the outside then hits a springboard 450 splash through Dean and the table. Ellsworth comes out and AJ goes to murder him again, but Dean stops him then Dean sends AJ to the outside. Ellsworth sends Dean off of the ladder and through two tables at ringside then urges AJ to get back in and climb the ladder. AJ climbs the ladder for the win as everyone on the commentary team and the crowd are stunned, including Dean who hasn't moved yet.

Winner: AJ Styles


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