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Jason Jordan is backstage checking on Kurt, and they're interrupted by Elias. He's really great in this spot. He fits so well. Kurt grants him a musical performance. 

Why Kevin Owens Pirate Ship Jump Didn't Happen At WrestleMania 37

Drew Gulak's segment got cut for time. He comes out and says he had 277 slides ready. Another phenomenal segment on the pre-show. We also get a good Emma promo in there too. 

Sasha Banks defeated Alicia Fox

  • There are some nice spots in this match, and long points of inactivity.
  • They lock up and windmill, but there's so much fake hair I can't tell who won that exchange. 
  • Sasha had a really nice dropkick off of a fake handshake.
  • Alicia Fox is so committed to this role.
  • Sasha Banks gets the submission win after a good opener that got some time. 
  • That was productive for all involved.

Asuka defeated Emma

  • Asuka doesn't wrestle often on TV, so that entrance is synonymous with big matches for me. 
  • Wonder if an agent told Asuka not to use the Ankle Lock tonight.
  • Still not a fan of Asuka hitting people with a running ass to the face.
  • Emma is the right person for this match. She's shining. 
  • I don't have a problem with Asuka selling for Emma when the crowd are getting behind her for a comeback.
  • Asuka hits a sick leg trap suplex.
  • We've seen Asuka dominate competition. She's working a great match with a woman that had no heat, and they're both getting awesome reactions. 
  • Asuka wins with the chickenwing. Outstanding match.

Backstage Crappenings

  • There's a Miz and Bar promo where Cesaro is still talking with a mouth guard. 
  • Not backstage, but Elias goes out for his performance and Jason Jordan THROWS PRODUCE AT HIM! He has a shopping cart! I love it!
  • The Shield give Kurt Angle riot gear backstage. Neat!

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann defeated Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick

  • Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann are wearing matching gear.
  • Cedric seems keen on destroying his knee on a tope con hilo and an assisted tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
  • Gallagher has some mean looking stomps.
  • Vic Joseph is good on commentary. He's not completely WWE'd yet.
  • Kendricks hits a sick overhead suplex on Swann outside.
  • Captains's Hook, Phoenix Splash, Headbutt.....Then the Lumbar Check gets it done.
  • That's how you have cruiserweights wrestle on Raw to get them over. Good crowd reaction, too.

Raw Women's Championship
Alexa Bliss (c) defeated Mickie James

  • I try to not bring up the flappy pants every time, but Mickie James had some hocker mod a pair of jeans to make flappy worked jeans.
  • Mickie hasn't looked this quick and athletic in a long time.
  • She smacks Alexa's ass. They're trying to push "biscut butt" chants, I think. This match goes at a slower pace, but a good one.
  • Mickiecanrana leads into an awesome series of slaps and counters that ends in a double knockdown. That was really well done. 
  • A really good job of keeping me interested in people I know have no chance of winning tonight. 
  • Bliss hits a sunset bomb that looked doomed, but ended up all okey dokey. A Mickie James dropkick doesn't though. It looked bad. 
  • Why the hell does the crowd want tables? This match is great
  • Alexa suckers Mickie in and scores a DDT for the win. 

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Enzo Amore defeated Kalisto (c) to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

  • Enzo was like "HA! I got kicked out of the locker room but at least they can't get me sic.....aw shit" 
  • This is a fine match, ironically much slower than many before.
  • Kalisto knocked the hell out of Enzo on a dive outside.
  • Enzo's sports themed strikes are a nice touch. His flying DDT should finish people though. 
  • Enzo wins with a foreign object shot and his finish. Good. The division needs it.

Demon Finn Balor defeated AJ Styles

  • Awesome reaction for these two just looking at each other.
  • Styles' selling matches up with Balor's kicks very well. Styles does it unconventionally and really puts the kicks over. 
  • Balor got LOST when Styles was face down. Wow
  • Balor hits a pretty nice Tope Con Hilo.
  • AJ Styles plays a lot of his hits. Calf Crusher, Phenomenal Forearm. Demon manages to make it through.
  • Balor does mostly elementary offense, but AJ Styles' selling sets it off.
  • How do you not do a Team Balor vs. Team Styles SS match now?
  • Another good match, Balor is able to hit 1916 on Styles. More big spots. Super Huracanrana, missed 450.
  • Styles flew like 14 hours to get to this match.
  • Balor looks like he perforated Styles' colon (JOKE) with the Coup De Grace.
  • This is much better than anything WWE was doing with Abigail and Demon.
  • They "Too Sweet" each to finish the match. 
  • I hope WWE Clash of Champions sees Daniel Bryan make a deal with Raw for a one-off.

Jason Jordan defeated Elias

  • Jason Jordan has kale-inpsired wrestling gear by the looks of it.
  • This isn't very good, and the commentary isn't taking it too seriously.
  • Jason Jordan beat Elias. It went nine minutes. It wasn't good. 

TLC Handicap Match
Kurt Angle, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins defeated The Miz, The Bar, Kane and Braun Strowman

  • C'mon now. You gotta have Angle's theme and pyro.
  • Kane was being gentle with Kurt, but Kurt wasn't returning the gentle favor with his chair shots.
  • Angle has forgotten how to use ladders and chairs and it's very entertaining.
  • Ambrose and Rollins dive off ladders through tables onto Kane and Strowman!
  • Kurt Angle doesn't bump until about 6-7 minutes in, and it's a nice, smooth one.
  • The heels threaten to Shield Powerbomb Angle, but it's broken up!
  • German Suplexes!!!! Stop giving Kurt Angle German suplexes your shitty zoom camera treatment. 
  • ANKLE LOCK ON KANE!!! Braun breaks it up. 
  • Angle gets powerslammed through a table! Sick!
  • Trainers come to get Angle.
  • I wonder if the tactical gear really helps take the chair shots. 
  • This has been one of the most fun WWE shows of the year. It looked like garbage on paper a few days ago.
  • Booker T is beyond Daniel Bryan levels of not giving a shit about being punished. He's roasting Angle. 
  • Why isn't Jason Jordan checking on his dad?
  • A monumental ass kicking is given to Ambrose and Rollins. 
  • When has Kane ever been convincingly punked out like that? Besides some guy banging a mannequin pretending it was Kane's ex.
  • Cesaro and Sheamus did not take care of Ambrose at all on that double crucifix bomb. Strowman takes control and heaves Ambrose through the table. 
  • Miz brings out a GARBAGE TRUCK. Eric Bischoff and Duke Droese gonna pop out of that garbage truck and kick everyone's ass.
  • I was hoping Braun only saved Kane so he could kick his ass himself. Kane turns on Braun himself and chokeslams him through a table!
  • "I would appreciate your vote this November, bitch"- Kane, I hope. 
  • Kane drops a ton of chairs on Strowman and kills off Ambrose and Rollins.
  • STROWMAN LIVES!!! Miz is begging off!
  • Okay I lied. He's dead. They put him in a garbage truck. I can't wait until Strowman drives that garbage truck to Raw and throws it at Kane.
  • Oh my god, Angle had Sheamus dead weighted up there for an Olympic Slam!
  • Triple Powerbomb! Finish!
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