Former WWE Writer Had An Idea For Vince McMahon To Kill Hornswoggle, JBL Comments

The mystery of Vince McMahon's illegitimate son was solved with a whimper as many were left disappointed when the big reveal turned out to be Hornswoggle. Of course, nothing was at it seemed as Fit Finlay ended up being the father of the little lad.

On the February 18, 2008 edition of WWE Raw, McMahon faced Hornswoggle in a cage match and caught up on disciplinary action he had missed all those years. McMahon and JBL brutally beat Hornswoggle, leading to storyline internal injuries, including bleeding of the brain and spinal trauma.

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But it could have been worse.

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz was rummaging through his closet when he stumbled upon a pitch by another unnamed writer who thought McMahon could have killed Hornswoggle if things got bad enough.

“Hornswoggle Dilemma: Have Vince say to HS that we’re going for a ride as Vince stuffs HS into a pillow case. Have a camera standing on a bridge and the audience sees Vince throw HS out the window of his limousine and over the bridge railing. HS plummets to his death. I know it’s morbidly and highly unlikely ever to be used, but I think it’s something that a fed up Mr. McMahon could resort to after trying for so long to get rid of him.”

JBL still wonders if the idea is possible.

Fortunately, Hornswoggle is still alive and well.






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