Xavier Woods Doesn't Have A Timetable For His Return

Xavier Woods has been out of action since Oct. 10 after suffering a torn Achilles. The injury is one of the worst in sports with some athletes missing up to a year of action after an Achilles tear. 

For Xavier, he is unsure when he will return to the ring.

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"There’s no real time frame on when I’ll be back, because Achilles tears are so different. It could be five months, it could be nine months. There’s a lot of wiggle room in there. So to be able to stay relevant is extremely important in this day and age because the news cycle is so incredibly fast. So if you’re not constantly doing something new, then soon it’s going to be out of sight, out of mind," Woods told Chuck Carroll of CBS Sports.

During his time away, Woods will continue to be active on his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel. Woods previously revealed how he's using UpUpDownDown to secure his future once he retires from wrestling. The success of UpUpDownDown proves Woods can build a viable brand, which may have helped Team SmackDown in its battle for brand supremacy at WWE Survivor Series.

That night belonged to NXT, who received a major promotional boost as WWE's third brand.

"That’s the first time that NXT has been live on TV with their own spot, prime-time. It’s nice because, like you said, there are the hardcore wrestling fans who have been watching NXT. Now they’re watching it on USA and there’s still that section of wrestling fans that don’t know about NXT. They’re not familiar with the talent, they don’t know the storylines that are going on. There’s so much good talent down there. It’s almost absurd. It’s like they’re overflowing with talent, male and female, trainers, coaches, all types," said Woods. "So the fact that they were able to work in all of the stuff they’ve worked in for Survivor Series. For instance, Adam Cole had the greatest week that anybody could have in wrestling, what, last week, two weeks ago. Being able to main event all three shows and show, 'Hey, this is the guy down in NXT, and this is what he can do.' So, for me, that says, if I like what this guy’s doing, I should check out NXT to see more of this, because maybe there are more people down here who can do awesome stuff like this. And there are. I think that Survivor Series, in particular, is a great, there has been a great build for the NXT brand and all of the talent that’s down there.

Along with UpUpDownDown, Woods will stay busy as one of the hosts of New Day: Feel The Power podcast. The weekly show, which features all three members of New Day, premieres every Monday on the WWE podcast network. 

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