Xavier Woods Is The One Person In The World (Of G4) To Praise Google Stadia

Xavier Woods is that nice person on the internet.

When Google Stadia was first announced in 2019, Google promised the future of gaming by allowing any subscriber who paid for access to the platform the ability to play games from any device with the possibility of 4K streaming being available.

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In the two years since its launch, faith in the platform has steadily declined and by February 2021, Google had already decided to shut down its dedicated game studio and now, Google Stadia is barely advertised as compared to when it was launched in 2019.

However, there is always that one person who looks on the bright side, never losing faith in the power of positivity. That person is, of course, King Xavier Woods.

During an appearance on the December 14 episode of X-Play on G4, while everyone around him was dismissing Stadia and Adam Sessler had just compared the platform and its failure to the pair of pants that you keep in the back of your closet because you pooped yourself while wearing them, Xavier Woods had kind things to say about Google's attempt at cloud gaming.

"Can I be the weird person that gives Stadia love?" Xavier asked ever so politely. "I like Stadia. I know that sometimes it doesn't work as well as you want it to, but when it works, it's very fun. I've had many enjoyable experiences with friends that don't play games that I go, 'Here, just get this controller and jump on this web page and you can play this random game with me.' It's nothing like super in-depth, it's nothing crazy, but it has given me good times with friends and so I have to give it to love for that."

As Adam Sessler so nicely put it, that is what a nice person on the internet sounds like.

King Woods would further go on to prove his kindness on that day as he earned $10,000 for the Connor’s Cure charity by winning a game of Gang Beasts. Learn more here.

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