'Xcite Wrestling' Posts An Update On Facebook Concerning Sid Vicious No-Showing Their Event

What was the real reason?

'Xcite Wrestling' which is a promotion based in Binghamton, New York ran a show/meet-and-greet on Saturday at the 'American Legion Post 80'. Scheduled for the show were stars such as MJF and former two-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion Sid Eudy or better known by wrestling fans as Sid Vicious. Sid was set to appear at the meet and greet session but the promotion noted over their official Facebook page that Sid no-showed and added a note about someone telling Sid that the promoter of 'Xcite' was a Donald Trump supporter.

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First make note, Doors tomorrow are at 5 pm and show at 6. We realize the website says different. We’ll get that fixed.

Second Which one of you butt holes told Sid that Jonny Moose is a giant Trumpster?!?! Well I hope you’re happy, he decided to not get on a plane for our friends at a Heroe’s Hideout. So he won’t be appearing for us either. We are really disappointed but now we can finally say we are like our friends AIW! But have no fear, tomorrow will be a killer show. We hope you come out and help us with our last Legion show."

The promotion then sent out another update on the situation and shared that their last update was more of a joke referring to when Sid pulled out of an AIW event last year because of Donald Trump's travel ban laws. It was noted within the second update that the likely reason Sid was not present is because he is unprofessional but other than their own personal take, they have not received any information from Sid himself about why he no-showed. 

"So while we like the publicity and all, we figure we should throw something out there. We have no idea why Sid decided to not get on the plane and not only screw our fans who paid to meet him, but more so screwed our friends at Heroes Hideout. The fact he hates Trump, as exposed by his excuses on why he no showed the great company AIW, and the owner of Xcite does not hate him, may or may not had anything to do with him no showing. A more likely scenario is he is just unprofessional and didn’t want to come meet the great upstate NY wrestling fans. We don’t know because he ghosted repeated attempts to get ahold of him. We apologize if there was confusion with our tongue and cheek explanation of why he didn’t come. But let’s be honest, and because no one knows why, Would anyone be surprised if our attempt at humor was true? What a time to be alive!!!!"

As more information about this situation comes to the forefront, we will continue to update this article or a new one will be published. 

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