Xia Brookside Discusses Paige's Inspiration On Her Career, Her Main Roster Aspirations, And More

NXT UK Superstar Xia Brookside is a fast-rising second-generation Superstar. As the daughter of NXT trainer, Robbie Brookside, wrestling has been a formative part of her life for quite some time.

Xia Brookside participated in a social media Q&A earlier today. In the YouTube video, which you can see embedded above, Xia discusses the moment that she decided she wanted to be a wrestler, "I would get picked up from school would go to a wrestling show. [I] would come home, go to bed, go to school. Same thing again the next day. So it's very much like we were constantly on the road and it was a different type of wrestling that I went to see like it was British wrestling old school British wrestling. And that was what I was into," she said. "However, I didn't realize that I loved wrestling until he stopped wrestling. And that was when I was like 'Yo I miss it. I want to do that.'"

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In addition to her father, She also credits WWE Superstar, Paige as a source of inspiration, "Like, if it wasn't for my dad wrestling, I probably won't be wrestling now but another huge inspiration for me was probably Paige. Because we both came from a similar background we were both second-generation wrestlers from England and going to WWE wasn't really a thing at that time when she went over there. So, I would definitely say that she was a huge inspiration. Like, she opened the door for so many other people in this country.

Brookside, 20, wants to make it to the main roster of WWE one day, citing yet another woman with a lineage, Natalya, as her dream opponent. “Natalya has been around for a very long time and she kind of has like the best of both,” Xia began. “She was taught by the old school style like-- So, it's a similar kind of style to what inspired me to get into the ring. So, I think it really caught about a step into the ring with someone that came from that same kind of background.

Ultimately, Brookside says that her goal is to make it to the main roster to be able to inspire audiences on a global scale, "Well, my ultimate goal is obviously to make it to the main roster and be on TV every week," She stated. "But, like, my second goal would be to inspire other people to get into wrestling too. For, like different reasons, because we're not just wrestlers we also we're role models for, like kids and their dreams. And by role models, I don't mean you're a kid and you want to be a wrestler and that's the way you go. It's just you can be whatever you want to be. So, I was 15 years old training to be a wrestler and that's the path I chose. But, you could want to go into any path or any career. And I'm here to inspire you to do that. Let's go."

You can catch Xia Brookside on NXT UK. NXT UK takes place every Wednesday at 3 p.m. Eastern exclusively on the WWE Network.

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