The Young Bucks Discuss Putting Matches Together & Their Desire To Conquer The Challenges Of Live TV

Matt and Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks, have been wrestling professionally for 16 years. Whether in their backyard on a ring that their father built them, the Tokyo Dome in Japan, or Sears Centre in Chicago, The Young Bucks always desire to have the best possible match they can put together.

Speaking exclusively with Sports Illustrated, The Young Bucks talk about how much fun they have with the creative process of putting together a match and say that the creative process is just as exhilarating and fulfilling as the wrestling match itself.

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“Putting together matches is almost just as fun as performing the matches, often,” Matt began. “You get to create art from a blank canvas. It’s always a challenge when you’re given limitations—time constraints, injuries, storylines to get across—but I enjoy making the most out of my minutes and always turning in an entertaining segment. Every week you get to work with someone new, so it feels like you’re collaborating and writing a new song with a new partner all of the time. Sometimes you can see real-life character flaws in each other, whether it’s insecurities or lack of confidence. However, you can also see how truly talented and intelligent your colleagues are, sometimes giving new ideas from a different perspective, seeing things from a different lens.”

Nick would add, “There was a four-way tag match on Dynamite a few weeks ago, and we sat down and called it for about eight hours. The end results made us happy. It’s a lot of fun collaborating with other artists.”

All Elite Wrestling is less than a year old and one of the brand new challenges, for not only a lot of the young talent but Matt and Nick Jackson as well, is the added array of intangibles that comes with live weekly television. Matt would go on record as saying he’s excited by the challenges and looking forward to conquering them.

Live weekly television wrestling is a completely different beast, but it’s a new challenge,” said Matt. “My goal is to conquer those challenges. And I really enjoy watching the process of a character growing into a star. The power of television makes things happen so rapidly, and it still blows me away. What took us 10 years on the indies to do only takes a couple of weeks with the exposure TNT gives us.”

You can read the whole interview with both Matt and Nick at this link

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