The Young Bucks Discuss Their History With Booking & Producing Storylines In ROH & PWG

With under two weeks to go until AEW Dynamite premieres on TNT, all eyes are on The Elite as they prepare for their next big step in the wrestling revolution.

While speaking to Alex McCarthy of TalkSport, The Young Bucks talked openly about how they have been slowly learning the ropes of the behind the camera side of pro wrestling for a long time.

"I feel like Matt and I have been preparing ourselves for what we’re doing now for the past three years with producing and directing Being The Elite our YouTube series – and booking it, because it intertwined with Ring of Honor storylines and New Japan storylines," said Nick Jackson. "So we actually, for the last three years, we’ve had experience booking things, producing things, directing things, filming things; a lot of stuff we didn’t know about we were doing it and preparing ourselves for what we have now. So the transition was a little easier for Matt and I because of that. But still, it’s a completely new territory doing these massive live events. The challenge has been fun, it’s probably been the most rewarding of my whole career."

Matt Jackson would also chime in and talk about their experience helping develop stories in both PWG and Ring Of Honor.

"Like Nick said, we’ve been doing this so long. We basically booked PWG for years with Super Dragon so the Mount Rushmore stuff was us, the Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan story, that was us. We knew how to write long story arcs. Then we did the Adam Cole joining Bullet Club story and the Marty Scurll joining Bullet Club story. We directed and produced and we literally got in the ring and mapped out the scene for the cameramen," Matt began. "So we were slowly learning how to do these things without realizing that it was actually going to benefit us one day and here we are. As far as writing and creating stories, I love it, man. It’s a blast. I think all the daily struggles, the e-mails, and the conference calls – that’s the tough part for me. It’s the adjustment like ‘man, I used to have a lot more free time and now this job is literally a 24/7 job.'"

AEW Dynamite launches on October 2, live on TNT.

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