The Young Bucks Poke Fun At Pitched Gear For FTR In WWE

Before FTR joined All Elite Wrestling and became AEW Tag Team Champions, they were nearly turned into a comedy act during their final months in WWE.

In April it was revealed that WWE pitched Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler being a comedy duo, including decking them out in gear that looked like a cross between Flavor Flav, circus performers, and Ninja Turtles. The act never made television, though FTR claim they were willing to don the gear, knowing they were going to leave WWE the moment their contracts expired.

The gimmick was brought up again on social media thanks to The Young Bucks, who reminded everyone that of a tweet sent prognosticating that the Bucks would one day wrestle FTR, leading to the following exchange.

WWE reportedly hit FTR with a cease and desist over the duo using the gear for merchandising purposes back in May.

The Young Bucks and FTR seem on a collision course in AEW, but no match between the two teams has been made official.

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