The Young Bucks Say They Have The Blood & Guts Structure, Will Save That For When Fans Fully Return

The Blood & Guts match may have been indefinitely postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but the Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) are ready to pull the trigger on it at the right time.

Originally, the Blood & Guts match was supposed to have The Elite go up against The Inner Circle back in March but that never happened. There's no date on when the match will make its debut and the Bucks spoke with 411 Wrestling about the future of Blood & Guts. Nick said they have the structure ready to go at any time, but they want to wait until fans can fully return to AEW shows.

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Matt spoke on fantasy booking AEW had the pandemic not severely altered the company's 2020, saying the show still had to bring great wrestling to its fans even with the limitations in place and matches such as Blood & Guts not happening. 

"Obviously, the blood and guts steel cage match never happened. And we spent a lot of money building that structure. (LAUGHTER) But the good thing about it is that at least we now have it. So, we can pull the trigger on that at any time. I feel like we are saving that for fans. I think that is the biggest reason we haven’t done it. But that is the biggest thing that changed, not having that match. Because if you look at it, the buildup too it was so strong and our ratings were going up and it was looking we were going to above a million for that show, and we probably would have but we can’t control what is going on around the world so I think that was probably the biggest change, not doing that cage match," Nick said.

"I was just going to say too, at first we didn’t know what this was and nobody did, and we thought, let’s just put things on pause for a couple of weeks and then we will get back to where we were," Matt said. "And then there comes a point where this thing is not going away, so there is no sense in saving anything and now it is time to put the pedal to the metal and do what you had planned. We can’t wait this thing out, there are fans that are watching our show each week and they want to see great wrestling and we can’t not give it to them. At first, we thought we could stall it out a little bit and then a month or two months into it we all were in a room and we said, nope let’s just give them Dynamite!"

The full interview can be read at this link.

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