The Young Bucks Say They Won't Take Shots At WWE On Every Show

The Young Bucks speak to the media following AEW Double or Nothing.

If there were any criticisms of All Elite Wrestling's first show, aside from the production and commentary issues, it was Cody Rhodes' not so subtle shot at Triple H. Prior to his match against Dustin Rhodes, Cody took a sledgehammer and smashed a Triple H inspired throne.

AEW taking shots at WWE is nothing new as Being The Elite is known for their jabs at what's happening in the WWE Universe. But the Cody sledgehammer spot drew criticism as many fans don't want to see the promotion constantly mentioning WWE on television, much like IMPACT Wrestling did when they were the #2 promotion in the United States.

Addressing the media after the event, Matt & Nick Jackson discussed Cody's entrance and whether or not we'll see constant WWE mentions.

"Well, that’s just our sense of humor, you know. If I see something obvious, I’m gonna poke fun at it. It’s what I’ve done my entire career. So I’m not gonna stop now that I work for a billion dollar company (laughs)," said Matt.

Nick added, “We won’t be doing that every show.”

Matt went on to say that they were first aware of the spot on Saturday morning during rehearsals and that it "popped" him.

You can read Cody's comments on the spot by clicking here. And you can view the entire media scrum with the Young Bucks in the video above.

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