The Young Bucks Tell A Heated Story Between Eric Bischoff and Brian Kendrick

Eric Bischoff is no stranger to coffee throwing incidents. Longtime fans will remember Eddie Guerrero’s infamous WCW Nitro promo where he quit the company and threw coffee on himself to save Bischoff the time. 

Bischoff takes his coffee very seriously. If you don’t believe me, watch this video from TNA Impact in 2011 featuring Bischoff, Brian Kendrick, Amazing Red, and The Young Bucks:

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In a shoot interview with RF Video, Matt and Nick Jackson told the story behind the video and how Kendrick turned hot from more than a coffee splash. 

Matt: We were doing this backstage promo or pre-tape and (Bischoff) did it without even planning or  asking if it was ok. He threw coffee at Brian Kendrick and made Brian hot. Brian’s a hot head as it is. He just threw it at him and he’s kind of like saying really real things to us about how he feels about Vanilla Midgets.


Nick: The promo got real.


Matt: It got really real.


Nick: I remember (Kendrick) saying, ‘How could he do that without telling me? How disrespectful.’

The Bucks’ story and the video seem to line up. Following Bischoff slamming down the coffee, Kendrick looks ready to put some red in Bischoff’s white hair. Fortunately for Bischoff, Kendrick didn't get "really really real" during the scene and walked off without incident. He never takes his eyes off his boss, but a cooler head prevailed.

If Bischoff really took his coffee so serious, he wouldn’t waste so many cups on wrestlers. 

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