YouTuber Infuriated At Dolph Ziggler Over Cancelled Date; Says Ziggler Is Leaving Wrestling Soon

Dolph Ziggler has one fewer fan. 

Trisha Paytas is a YouTuber who specializes in lifestyle vlogging. Currently, she has over 2.7 million subscribers on Youtube and more than 307,000 followers on Twitter. She also authored a book titled How to Get Internet Famous. In a recent vlog where she admitted she had been drinking before, she critically ranted about Dolph Ziggler cancelling their date. The video was uploaded on June 1st. 

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According to Paytas, she had been conversing with Ziggler via text messages and Snapchat for months and he was supposed to meet up with her after getting off of a flight. Paytas said their initial interactions were fine. She admits one of her videos about "the best one night stand ever" was in regards to Ziggler and since then their interactions have been favorable. 

"Couple months ago I started talking to this guy. He hits me up once in a while on Snapchat, texting. And we were cool, he's good people, really nice to me. I'm really nice to him. We have jokes. We have good conversations. Cool as f*ck, I really like this dude. He seems so real and never flaked on me. He's always been nice, cool, and awesome," said Paytas. 

She said her and Ziggler had plans to meet up for happy hour, but Ziggler changed those plans. 

"It was like four or five o'clock and I was like 'Hey, are we still on for happy hour?' He's like 'Oh, I'm watching the first half of the game' because of The Cavs he's from Cleveland. F*cker. I am ashamed he's from Cleveland, he's so f*cking gross. He said 'I am watching the first half of the game in Arizona and I'll be there later tonight, I can't really stay long because I have to be up at 6am,'" said Paytas. 

She said she was excited to see Ziggler and she claims she warned him to not "flake" because she canceled a date to see him. After Ziggler landed in Los Angeles (Paytas lists her location as "Hollywoodland" on Twitter), he canceled their date according to Paytas. 

"Should I do a reenactment of these texts? I have them right here. 'Do you still want a drink or nah?' me at 10:13. 'I'm gonna flake, frowny face' at 10:14. "OMG' I say. He says 'I'm old'. No shit you're old. That doesn't mean you're dumb or have to be a rude f*cking c*nt," said Paytas. "I say 'really'?...'Yes' he said, then he waited a couple minutes...'Have to. Still at the airport, eyes burning, can't do it,'" she continued. 

Her main contentions against Ziggler was she canceled a date to see him before he "flaked" and he is too arrogant. She said wrestling fans who think wrestling is real get into Ziggler's head and convince him he's a god. She based this on another relationship with a wrestler. At the end of the video she casually claims the thirty-seven-year-old Ziggler will not be wrestling for much longer. She also said she told Ziggler she was making a video about the situation. 

The video can be found at Paytas' YouTube Channel called BlndSunDoll4MJ.

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