Z-Paks Take Center Stage In Trial Between CM Punk, Colt Cabana, and Dr. Chris Amann

Dr. Amann still insists the Z-Paks were only prescribed for sinusitis.

Yesterday, Wrestle Zone's  Nick Hausman reported his notes from the morning session of the defamation lawsuit between Dr. Chris Amann, CM Punk, and Colt Cabana. During that session, Amann discussed the treatment he received from fans because of what CM Punk said on a podcast with host Colt Cabana. He also denied prescribing antibiotics to Punk for the various ailments described in the podcast.

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During the evening session, Hausman again reported his notes from the proceedings. Dr. Amann again stated he prescribed antibiotics for a sinus infection and admitted it would have been a Z-Pak. The jury saw quotes from texts of Amann joking about Z-Paks and emails regarding CM Punk visiting a specialist for his illness. Amann did admit nowhere in the podcast did CM Punk say Amann gave him Z-Paks for other injuries and illnesses. In the podcast, CM Punk referred to the doctors as "they."

Even though he claimed there was a thorough record of Punk's health at WWE, Amann admitted he gave CM Punk some doses of Z-Paks in an envelope without recording.

Amann also continued to describe the situation around the 2014 Royal Rumble where he believes CM Punk was concussed and there was evidence the concussion could have led to some of CM Punk's symptoms like headaches.

Amann spoke more about the emotional damage he received from the podcast. He testified that despite CM Punk not mentioning his name, fans assumed it was him who CM Punk was referencing. Amann missed Thanksgiving dinner because he was reading tweets online and worried about WWE's response.

The court adjourned after the discussion of CM Punk's alleged concussion at the Royal Rumble. The lawyers spoke to the judge privately twice and CM Punk and Cabana spoke during those times.

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