Zelina Vega Says She Found Out About WWE's Queen's Crown Tournament By Reading About It Online

Zelina Vega didn't initially learn about the Queen's Crown tournament from WWE.

On October 8, WWE kicked off their inaugural Queen's Crown tournament, with eight Superstars vying for the prestigious honor. Speaking with Ryan Satin on his Out of Character podcast, Vega revealed that she found out about the tournament online, wishing she had heard about it from WWE themselves. She also touched on being part of history and why she feels spoilers suck. Here are her full remarks:

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"Funny enough, I read it on the internet, which kind of spoiled it in a way for me too. I was like, 'Man, I would love to hear about this from my job.' I'd love to hear it from the horse's mouth and know that this is 100 percent actually happening instead of getting excited for something and it doesn't happen. I remember reading about it briefly on the internet and was like, 'that'd be really cool if it was actually a thing.' WWE has taken so many steps to make the women important and this is another thing to do that. I remember thinking, 'it's real now. Woah, that's a long plane ride.' I was excited. Winning it or not, I was excited to do it and be part of it. Same thing with Evolution. You're part of history regardless. You get those genuine and emotional moments and I feel like those are things that are missing in wrestling. Without the internet, we used to be able to go to a show and be like, 'Oh my God, I can't believe they won, did you see the reaction?' I genuinely miss those times. When Booker T was king, we went to Madison Square Garden and my little brother had three signs. One of them said 'King Booger' and it had him with his pinky up (picking his nose). When he's holding it up and yelling at Booker, I was like, 'Oh no, this is bad.' During a commercial break, Booker and Sharmell turn to my brother and are yelling at him. He's having such a good time and I'm like, 'this is what it's supposed to be. This is what wrestling is and what it's for and if you can pull those emotions out of people, that's what we want.' I miss those feelings and why I feel like spoilers suck. We can rekindle that if we figure it out."

Vega advanced to the finals, which took place at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, defeating Doudrop to win the tournament. She now competes on Friday nights as a member of the SmackDown roster and is undefeated in singles competition dating back to August.

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