5 Best Wrestling Scholarship for Students


Wrestling is one of the favorite sports that can get you a scholarship for college. College is extremely competitive and equally expensive, therefore, it won’t be easy to get wrestling scholarships. You have to keep up with the competitors and be aware of the scholarships that are out there. There are about 12,000 college-level wrestlers and just a few scholarships. You would also need to consider the varsity teams, tuition fees of the college, and the award of the scholarship. Some colleges provide partial scholarships that might cover merely 1/3rd of the expenses. In this article, you will know more about the 5 best wrestling scholarships to enter your favorite college.

5 Best Wrestling Scholarships 

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Getting a college wrestling scholarship might be difficult but not impossible. If we take the NCAA division, there are about 1310 spots for 4390 athletes. You have to show your academic excellence, research about the programs, and be proactive in the process. Assignments are an important part of academics. If you are saying ”I need someone to write my essay in Australia”, it is time to go online and get high rated essays. So that your academic record stays clean. Let us have a look at the 5 scholarships!

1. Foot Locker Scholar-Athlete Program

For this program, there is a funding of US$20,000 for 20 enthusiastic wrestlers. There are 3 phases of the program. The first is an application that is open to all athletes who are eligible for the program. You need to be a legal citizen of the US and have a GPA of a minimum of 3.0 to enter the program.


Also the college you choose must have a 4-year program and must be accredited by the government. An online interview is held after which the results are announced in 2 months.

2. High School Scholarship by Beverage Industry

This award is presented by the Christermon Foundation. Anywhere between US$2,500 to US$5,000 is funded annually to wrestling champions. The number of students who get the award varies every year. In 2019, about 38 scholarships were provided. Within 5 months of applying along with the essay, a list of winners in the descending order is announced.

3. Norman and Rita Nussbickel Memorial

This scholarship honors the Nussbickel family members Norman and Rita. Norman was a founder of a foundation that provides 4 scholarships each amounting US$2000 each. If you want to apply for this scholarship, you must fill in an online application with an essay, a copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR), and two letters of recommendation. One of the eligibility requirements is that you can belong to one of the 4 schools. They include Arlington, Beacon, John Jay, or Roy C Ketcham high schools.

4. Fisher Cats Foundation

Hampshire and Massachusetts students are in luck because they can apply for this wrestling scholarship. US$2,500 is provided to 10 students from Hampshire and 2 students from Massachusetts based on their athletic ability. This scholarship also has similar criteria like sparkling academic record and community service.

5. Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship

Triple impact scholarship as the name suggests deals with answers as essays to the 3 main questions. The questions are about personal mastery, leadership, and honoring the game. These scholarships can vary between US$500 to US$2,500 depending on the location and the student. Anyone staying in the US with a GPA of 2.5 and playing with the school team or a club can apply for this scholarship.

Know the NCAA Divisions

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has divided the scholarships into various divisions. The NCAA scholarships are divided among the athletes based on the coach’s decision. Also the NAIA, NJCAA, CCCAA, NWAC provide some funding to the athletic students. Following is the breakdown of scholarships units, which can be found at this link.

Women’s programs are being modified as per demand. Scholarships are more for women nowadays as compared to men.

Final Thoughts

Wrestling is an amazing sport to channel your anger and frustration. If you are good at it, you must use it to your advantage. These wrestling scholarships for college are a way to enter leagues and further national and international championships. You will get the opportunity to meet amazing players and coaches. So, don’t let go of this chance. Always do your research early and apply as soon as you can. Do some digging about the scholarship, how many people will be awarded, which colleges award them, and other details. It is always good to have connections in these aspects. Be active in the school co-curricular activities and your hard work will pay off.


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Sandra Larson is the best sports writer and editor. Wrestling is one of the well-known sports in the international world. If someone is good at it, they should be able to pursue it. Sandra has helped hundreds of wrestling enthusiasts through her writing and researching. She writes about scholarships and how to obtain them.


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