5 Features That Came To UFC 4 Career Mode

From career relationships, to fighter revolution, we are considering the five features that came with the all new UFC 4 career mode.

UFC 4 pushed almost every boundary of combat sport games and although the reception it received might be mixed, there are still plenty of incredible features that we’re going to expand on today. UFC 3 is still held very highly amongst fans of the game to this day and in some audiences is referred to as the “CS:GO” of the MMA gaming world. However, with CS:GO type games, you can find and claim a CSGOEmpire referral code that you can use to claim free coins - with UFC 4, you’ll need to buy the season pass if you want to see everything that EA has in store for you.

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EA informed the world that the career mode was the most played of all game modes in UFC 3, and because of that, they are giving their all to the UFC 4 Career Mode. Before the release of the UFC 4 career Mode, I had the chance to sit down with Raman Bassi, who is the producer, and Brian Hayes, who is the Creative Director of the firm, and we discussed some of the essential key points about the yet to be released UFC 4 Career Mode. The game has finally been released, and all the points we discussed came into full force. Let’s have a look at them below.

Coach Davis

Though the Career Mode runs offline, players are not left to do it in a lonely manner. Coach Davis is always there to offer help right from the beginning of the players’ MMA career. When you get in, you will be picked by the coach at your pioneer amateur fight and he will take you to his gym, where you will be taught the four fundamentals of the MMA, and they include wrestling, jiu jitsu, kickboxing, and boxing. After the training, the coach will fish out opponents that are experts in the four mentioned areas and hand you the chance to practice what you’ve been taught against them. The head and tail of it all is that players are handed a step by step training on the gameplay of the UFC by Coach Davis through the mode that players spend most of their time in, according to EA.

Fighter Evolution

Here, players gain more experience on their moves and skills by putting both into practice. This could be in real fight, and it could be in training, but the constant is that it gives you the needed experience to consolidate on your chosen skills. Make a constant use of that overhand throw in fights and training, and you will get used to it and perfect in using it. Part of this is the act of growing the power and speed of the animations as it concerns some core strikes. You might have a very slow looking jab at the first level, which may seem not to connect hard, only for the same punch to be augmented by a faster animation and a stronger impact by the time you get to the 5th level.

Evolution Points

Players pick evolution points as their levels increase in the UFC 4. With these points, they can buy perks or spend them on attributes. Players could be handed up to 5 perks at a time. But they cannot get this right from the Career Mode gate. These perks must be unlocked by the players before they can purchase them with evolution points. When they succeed in unlocking these perks, players will gain the opportunity to fine-tune their fighters through them. Something like this is also found in NHL 20, so the same model is followed by the perk system, and it means that players can easily pick particular MMA facets that they want to professionalize in.

Relationship System

Fighter relationships are among the things that interest people in MMA. You will find some fighters as enemies, and some as friends, while some start from being friends and move to become enemies. The whole situation is dicey, but this is one of the things that interest people in MMA. However, in the UFC, there will be instructions on how you must handle your relationship in the world of MMA. When you get on well with Khabib, he may be in your camp and reveal some of his essential secrets to you, but when you annoy him, you won’t enjoy these privileges. Players’ relationship with promoters, sparring partners, fans, and fighters is something they must have to balance. You’ll have to contend with serious rivalry if you do something unpleasant.


The actual age of a player and their fighting age are quite different. For instance, Max Holloway has garnered up to 50 years in fighter age, but his traditional age is just 28. This is how the UFCs longevity is structured. Meanwhile, when you reduce the amount of damage that comes to you, you may have the chance to fight for a very long time, but if you are in wars all the time, taking hits and injuries that cause damages to you, your longevity could run out very soon, and your career would be over. The meaning is that you could witness a quick fighter age progression if care is not taken. Also note that your longevity starts dwindling faster as you age, and that is actually how it is in real life.

These are the 5 outstanding features that the UFC 4s Career Mode came with. It picked some from the UFC 3 and advanced it, while inventing some right from the scratch. All said and done, Career Mode seems to have an upper hand in the UFC 4. This conclusion was arrived at after a review of the game that came to Xbox One and PS4 on the 14th of August.

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