5 Tips to Balance Gaming and University

Excessive gaming has become a major issue among young people especially college students. The World Health Organization has classified gaming addiction as a mental health disorder. Therefore, college students need to be aware of how addictive gaming is and the best strategies that they can use to avoid negative effects.

Finding the balance between gaming and studying is one of the most difficult things for students to do. Study time and playtime are both important for a student’s productivity and performance. Unlike robots and other machines, the human brain is not designed to work 24/7. It needs a break to recover the lost energies. Here are five great tips that students can use to easily balance between gaming and studying. Let’s get started!

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Stay organized

To improve your productivity and performance, you have to stay organized. You can do this by creating a schedule that highlights your daily routine. Having a color-coded calendar will help you identify your schedules easily. You should also be flexible to include cravings and moment to moment decisions. You need to know what is beyond your control and what you can control when preparing your schedule. A schedule will not only keep you organized but also help you save time in the long run.


This one of the keys to success not only in the university but also in the real world. If you fail to prioritize, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time on low priority tasks. You should start by creating a to-do list. Write down everything that you need to do during the day. The best time to prepare your to-do list is the night before or immediately after waking up.

Next, organize your tasks in order of priority. Prioritizing your tasks will help you spend more energy on high priority tasks. Once you form this habit, you won’t have a hard time prioritizing studying over playing before your exams.

Get adequate sleep

Most college students stay up late playing boku casino sites. While most of them win cash other amazing prizes, studies have shown that 24 percent of young adults play video games after 9 pm. Staying up until the wee hours has been associated with sleepiness during the day and difficulty in falling asleep at night especially if the video game is violent.

Studies have revealed that adults need seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Sacrificing your sleep will lead to a decline in productivity and performance, loss of memory, weak immune system, and low concentration levels. Keep in mind that sleep is a basic need just like food and water.

Set limits

Students have to effectively manage their time to ensure that they don’t spend most of their time gaming. One of the best ways that college students can manage their time well is by creating a schedule. A schedule will help you figure out what needs to get done and the time required to do so. When setting limits, you should avoid underestimating the time needed to complete important tasks. Recall how long it took to complete the task in the past and make an accurate estimate. Don’t forget to set gaming limits to get other important tasks done.

Exercise regularly

You should never choose gaming over exercise since research studies have shown that exercise is beneficial in many ways. Staying active is one of the best ways to improve wellbeing. Exercising boosts your self-esteem and enhances your mood.

Regular exercise increases your concentration levels and boosts your productivity and performance. You don’t have to exercise vigorously to enjoy these benefits. You can take a walk or jog for fifteen to thirty minutes every day and still experience all the benefits that we’ve discussed.


Students need to adopt these five effective strategies to effectively balance between gaming and studying. Apart from gaming and studying, students need to find time to exercise and socialize. You should create a schedule and set limits to avoid spending a lot of time in front of the screen.

Also, you need to prioritize your tasks to avoid wasting time and precious energy on low-priority tasks. After studying hard for hours, you need to take breaks regularly to recover your lost energies and boost your productivity. Remember, your body and mind are not robots. Finally, get adequate sleep every day. Sleep is a basic requirement just like food and water.

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