5 Ways to Become a Great College Wrestler

5 Ways to Become a Great College Wrestler

Do you believe you can be the best wrestler in college? You might have been a great high school wrestler, and you think the same methods that you used would work in college. Of course not. College wrestling is a whole different ball game.

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The competition is fiercer, which means the training is equally more intense, and mastering the chain wresting style is no longer be enough to win you many points. However, the rewards of being a successful wrestler can often be your ticket to living a lucrative career.

In fact, a recent list of richest men in America shows that some of the billionaires' credit wrestling as a university or college sport that shaped them into the successful individuals they are today.

For instance, billionaire Josh Harris was in the high school wrestling team and went on to join the University of Pennsylvania, where he participated as a college wrestler in the 1982-1983 team. John Middleton is another billionaire who was a college wrestler.

Whether you want to achieve a specific career goal or are motivated by the money, fame, or live for the rush of performing in front of a crowd, here are crucial tips that will help any student become a good college wrestler.

Gain Admission in a Respectable Wrestling School

Enrolling into a quality wrestling school is one of the ideal ways to learn from the best. When choosing the school, ensure that the teachers have extensive professional wrestling experience and are pros in the industry. Ideally, an education institution known for producing professional wrestlers who have gone on to star in WWE should be first on your list.

Besides, to be a great college wrestler, you have to invest a huge chunk of your time. This means that any free time is spent training or competing. You might also be required to attend a few events for networking purposes.

As a student who barely has many free hours to work on a lengthy task, custom paper writing services help release time, which you can then use to enhance your training. Therefore, your ideal wrestling school or preferred college should allow students to have a balance between wrestling and studying as both require ample time.

Enroll for Matches or Tournaments

Before a wrestler becomes successful, they first have to master the basics then use competitions to horn their skills. Most wrestling matches tend to occur in a gym, local events, or inter-college wrestling tournaments. College wrestling tournaments are great for sharpening your skills as the games provide the perfect platform to compete with other wrestlers.

  • For a wrestler, the benefits of participating in competitions include:
  • Enhancing self-discipline and accelerate learning from pros.
  • Competing in a tournament gets the wrestler out of their comfort zone.
  • The wrestler develops respect for the game and admiration for other players, which results in friendship.

After months or even years of training, wrestling competitions are perfect opportunities to put the skills learned to test. Some of the skills that are tested during such events are determination, stamina, physical fitness, and mental strength.

Develop a Unique Character

Have you ever noticed that all successful wrestlers have unique characters? Professional wrestlers such as The Rock, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, and Chyna have interesting personalities that the crowd are passionate about. Therefore, like a wrestler who aims to have millions of fans, you must focus on building your character.

A concrete and fascinating character allow fans to have an emotional investment and ensures that you don’t quickly fall into obscurity.

Don’t Stay Within Your Comfort Zone

Training for years only yields success after you have taken on different wrestling opponents. Additionally, you will only reach peak performance if you get out of your comfort zone. Such an action allows you to encounter various challenges, which enables the wrestler to grow. So don’t be afraid to challenge yourself against new and better opponents.

Never Stop Learning

Perfecting your craft is something that you, as a wrestler, will have to do frequently. Otherwise, you risk staying stagnant. Watch videos of professional wrestlers performing as it tends to point out which areas you need to improve on. You can also tape your matches, review them, and come up with a game plan for becoming a champion.

College wrestlers are very competitive. That means to be the best; you have to go to a training school, work harder, develop a character, and be good at the wrestling craft. So, use these tips to become a better wrestler.

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