The 700th Weight Cut Hot Take Article You'll Read: The Case For 165 Pounds


Let's stop this charade. It's getting depressing.

Khabib Nurmagomedov isn't fighting at UFC 209. He got sick making a weight that he probably should have never competed in -- much less made multiple times -- and one of the most anticipated fights in the UFC's 2017 is off.

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The United States Anti-Doping Agency has helped clean up the UFC, but not without faults. We've seen several fighters cleared of any wrongdoing, and others granted questionable therapeutic use exemptions, but weight cutting remains a major issue.

We've seen fight after fight yanked due to complications in regards to weight cuts. If you want someone to break down the technical aspect of that, I'm not your guy. Go find Iain Kidd, he's a master. But there's no reason -- outside of saturation -- that the UFC can't add weight divisions.

They did it for a nonexistent 145 division with little demand and no competitors. I get it. Too many weight divisions and you'll be compared to the negative aspects of boxing. This isn't every 3, 4, or 7 pounds like boxing. Boxing would have six women's divisions to UFC's 3, and a comparable number of men's divisions, with a huge disparity at heavyweight. The UFC is putting their fighters at risk with 15 and 20-pound gaps in cuts. There's nothing wrong with a little realignment.

There's nothing wrong with moving 170 pounds to 175 pounds. I'm not the first or 5,000th person to say it. A 195 division is probably one worth adding, too. But 165 pounds? There's money there.

Think I'm wrong? How about Donald Cerrone, who jumped from 155 pounds to 170 and has found great success? Maybe a Jorge Masvidal, who did the same and has been the only stain on Cerrone's recent tear. Nate Diaz is a proven draw, and a guy who has struggled to find a home between lightweight and welterweight. We're seeing former champion Rafael dos Anjos plan a move up. Khabib Nurmagomedov goes without saying, at this point. I'm pretty sure that Conor McGregor fellow would try his hand. GSP could make that easily, if you believe him.

Even on the lower levels, there are names. Sage Northcutt has played the hokey pokey with weight divisions. Thiago Alves had a planned drop to 155, but couldn't make it. Chad Laprise, Tim Means and Alex Oliveira would be a wonderful fit. 

Between welterweight and lightweight, there are just under 200 contracted UFC fighters, which is probably too much to begin with. There's nothing wrong with three 66-man divisions as opposed to two 100-man divisions. 

Have a heart, UFC! Do the right thing!

I just wanna see Khabib and Tony Ferguson fight. That's all.

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