AJ Lee may be a little nervous, but she's still supporting her husband's new venture.

The former WWE Superstar and Diva's champion could be seen throughout the Evolution of Punk documentary nervous in regards to her husband CM Punk's UFC debut and MMA career in general. Regardless, AJ is all-in on Punk's move to the cage.

"I’m not sure how she’s going to watch," Punk told Fightful recently. "But, she’s fully on board. I wouldn’t be able to do this without her. People talk about your coaches and teammates preparing you. It’s like head coach (Duke) Roufus, my kind of grandmaster April Brooks. She’s not here putting it on me. She’s at home. She lets me sleep in when I need it, she cooks meals when I’m exhausted. She lets me sit on the couch and ice my back when I need too. She walks Larry extra when she has too. She’s really stepped up. Selfishly, I say she’s my best teammate."

Lee took to Twitter to offer some encouragement to her former WWE Champion husband.

"To my best friend, father of my furry son, & one hot piece of ass, CM Punk, I’m the proudest wife in the world," Lee said in the post Friday afternoon.

Punk weighed in at 170 pounds even on Friday, after teasing that he was having a tough weight cut. Punk appeared in the best physical condition of his life.

To my best friend, father of my furry son, & one hot piece of ass @CMPunk, I’m the proudest wife in the world. pic.twitter.com/yov64r3k1s

— AJ Mendez Brooks (@AJBrooks) September 9, 2016

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