All you Need to Know About Boxing and its Top Contenders in 2022

Boxing is one of the oldest combat sports in history, only behind wrestling, the oldest fighting sport. Boxing as a combat sport originated in the Greek empire, where soldiers were put in a ring and made to fight until the last man was standing.

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The earliest rules and regulations surrounding this sport originated from ancient Greece. However, the ancient Romans eventually copied the game and made specific changes to the level of brutality in the sport. Over the years, boxing has become a sport loved by all ages, with the level of brutality reduced by the various governing bodies and opportunities to wager on them on Bitcoin sports betting sites.

Currently viewed as the most significant combat sport of the modern century, boxing matches have been able to amass large gatherings of fans. However, notwithstanding its long history, many know little about this sport. Therefore, this article will discuss boxing and the top fighters in 2022.

Boxing in the Modern Era

Various changes have been made to this popular sport called boxing; with it being a combat sport, the health of fighters is now being considered. Therefore, in recent years various rules have been implemented to help reduce the level of damage to these fighters.

One significant change in this era is reducing the number of fights a boxer can have yearly. For example, in the past, some professional boxers could fight up to 10 times a year, which could cause significant damage to their health.

However, recent changes have seen the reduction of matches a fighter can have in a year. Therefore, for years now, the highest number of times professional boxers can fight in a year has been between four and five.

Professional Boxing and Amateur Boxing - Know the difference.

Many are unaware that there are two primary forms of boxing at the competition level. However, there are notable differences between these two forms, which we will now discuss.

Amateur Boxing

Also referred to as Olympic boxing, it is not as widely watched as professional boxing. However, it is the type of boxing that is done in the Olympic games; in this case, boxers are to put on protective wear like headgear and mouth guard, and they should wear a boxing jersey.

Amateur boxing comprises three rounds, with a duration of three minutes per round and a 1 minute rest period between rounds. Furthermore, fighters are judged based on a 10-point score system; after winning the fight, a boxer must score higher than his opponents in at least two rounds. However, amateur boxers do not get paid for their fights compared to pro boxers.

Professional Boxing

Many professional boxers were once amateur boxers who started boxing professionally after completing their amateur career.

It is the most popular form of boxing, with many professional fighters. In professional boxing, boxers do not wear headgear; only a mouth guard is used. Furthermore, professional bouts usually last between 4 to 12 rounds, depending on the level of both fighters. The duration of each game is similar to amateur boxing, a 3-minute round with a 1-minute rest.

Professional boxing is among the highest-paid sports; therefore, professional boxers earn large amounts per fight. However, the amount earned depends on the level of the battle and as well the weight class. Also, fans can place bets using even crypto, on their favorite fighters on Bitcoin sports betting sites; with these platforms offering mouth-watering odds, fans can earn significant profits.

How To Win A Boxing Bout

In professional boxing, there are various ways in which a fighter can win a bout. Also, the fight might sometimes end in a tie; in many cases, both fighters usually call for a rematch. Therefore these are the ways a fighter can win a bout.

Knockout (KO)

Probably the surest way a fighter can emerge as the winner, a knockout involves knocking down a fighter, and he cannot get up at the count of 10.

Technical Knockout (TKO)

It is pretty similar to a knockout, and a technical knockout can happen if the referee or the ringside physician feels a fighter is unable to defend himself or unable to continue because of his injuries.

Judges Decision

Professional matches are scored by three judges who sit ringside. Their decision comes into consideration only when the fighters go the distance and complete all 12 rounds. Also, each judge must score each round on the 10-point system to favor the fighter they feel dominated the competition.

There are various possible outcomes in which a bout might involve the judges' decision. Firstly, about can end in a "Unanimous Decision," in which all three judges had the same fighter scoring more points.

Secondly, it can also end in a "split decision," in which two judges had the same fighter scoring more points, and the third judge had the opponent scoring more.

So, for example, in a boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, two judges' score cards say Anthony Joshua scores the most points, and the third judge's score card is in favor of Deontay Wilder. Then Anthony Joshua is said to have won the fight by a Split decision.

Lastly, a fight can also end in a majority decision when two judges score more points in favor of the same fighter, and the other deems the contest to be a draw.

Top Contenders in the Various Weight Class in 2022

Professional boxing is divided into various weight divisions, and the primary goal of each fighter is to be the best in his weight class. Furthermore, winning multiple titles can solidify a fighter's stance as the best. Therefore listed below are a few weight divisions and their top contenders.

Heavyweight Division

The most watched boxing division among many fans, it is loved because of the high endurance of the fighters and always leaving it all out in the ring.

However, we can't talk about the heavyweight Division without mentioning the name Tyson Fury's alias "The Gypsy King." The current WBC title holder has dominated the first half of 2022, with his latest victory coming against fellow heavyweight Dillian Whyte. However, other top contenders like Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk are all vying for that title.

Middleweight Division

For years the middleweight division has been ruled by Canelo Alvarez; the Mexican is known for his head movements during matches, constantly evading his opponent's punches in an artistic style. However, his main rival has always been Gennady Golovkin, with both fighters having faced each other twice and the final trilogy fight coming up in September.

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