Are There Any Potential Benefits of Dates For a Pro Fighter?

Pro fighters may make more or less money depending on their sport and organization. But some benefits are shared among them. Women love to feel safe next to their men. That usually means that pro fighters get more dating opportunities than average people. But is it clever to double-leg those opportunities, or should they think twice before joining a new local hookup site?

Wrestling and MMA are among the most demanding sports for pro athletes, physically and mentally. Fighters train together, but they fight alone. So once the fight starts, there’s no one else but them and their opponent. No one can save them. No one can fix their mistakes. And that’s stressful, especially in MMA, where you’re constantly getting hit (unless you’re Anderson Silva or Sean Strickland).

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Some fighters seek long-term relationships since they deal with so much pressure. It helps with confidence to know that someone is by your side and helps to keep the much-needed peace of mind. Yet, many fighters don’t want anything serious and prefer to hook up with different people whenever they want.

There are pros and cons to everything, but the choice is usually determined by nothing more than personal preferences. It’s not that there’s a list of pro fighter dating facts that says everyone who isn’t hooking up 3 times a week can’t get a UFC contract. Both dating styles work. Styles don’t make fights. Fighters make fights. The same is true with dating. Yet, some benefit of casual dating shouldn’t be neglected.

Hookups as Confidence Boosters

In the long run, confidence might be the vital factor to make it as a fighter. And confidence is built by winning. Also, winning of any kind boosts testosterone (if you think that doesn’t matter, look up TRT Vitor, arguably the greatest Mythical MMA fighter).

But with tight schedules, many fighters don’t have proper time for classical dating. So it’s not surprising if a pro fighter decides to join a local platform specialized in finding them a hookup nearby because they know that dating someone new for a night counts as a W. There is no doubt that everyone in martial arts prefers to stack Ws. After all, the more wins they get outside the mat, the more confident they become during matches.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Another benefit dating brings to pro athletes, not only fighters, is relaxation. Yes, massages, ice baths, acupuncture – all that is great. But the mind needs to get rid of stress. Numerous studies show that the presence of a romantic partner is generally associated with reduced physiological stress responses. In other words, having a romantic partner makes fighters more resistant to stress. But what about hookups?

Again, that depends on each person. But if you’re a pro athlete, getting hookups near you might be a way to deal with stress without wasting too much time. Intimacy reduces stress anyway, so even if there’s romance involved, it's still a win.

You can compare that to Max Holloway learning to fight through the UFC game. So, if playing MMA video games may hone fighting games, hooking up with local singles might do the same for your dating. Plus, it will help you relax.

Emotional Rejuvenation

So many people live in worlds that have no losers. The consequences of their mistakes are minor. Their emotions are always safe and steady because they never risk anything and never leave their comfort zones.

In martial arts, things are the opposite. Two people enter the mat. One wins. Losing a fight after preparing for months can leave even the strongest people crushed. Having someone to cuddle with, listen to them, and be there for them helps them heal sooner.

Dates as Grounding Anchors

Cesar had a slave follow him everywhere to whisper into his ear: “You’re mortal. You’re not a god.”

It’s easy for fighters to get overconfident if they’re on a winning streak. But singles who create nearby connections with fighters may be the blessing every aspiring fighter needs.

Someone who’s doing great on the mats can use some rejection on dating sites from time to time. And they need people who aren’t afraid to be honest with them.

Support in Hard Times

We’ve seen so many fighters never bounce back after a difficult loss. Remember Dominic Rayes, a guy who defeated Jon Jones but still took an L? He never looked the same after that.

When times are rough, everyone, even the strongest, needs support. And having a long-term partner or a bunch of casual partners helps to reach that next W.

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