Booker T: Mayweather-McGregor Fight 'A Joke'

Booker T thinks that the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor boxing match is "literally, a joke."

One of many celebrities to weigh in on the matchup, which became official last week and will take place August 26 in Las Vegas from T-Mobile Arena, the WWE Hall of Famer gave his take on the bout in the latest episode of his Heated Conversations podcast.

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Booker T noted that his brother and former tag partner in Harlem Heat, Stevie Ray, had described the fight as "an embarrassment to the boxing game." Booker went on to compare the fight to a professional wrestling promotional strategy known as "catch and fetch.

"What that is is, is, a wrestling organization set up shop to rob, rape and pillage the town. Get their money and leave. It's the only reason they're coming. And that's the way I look at this fight here. Both of these guys are going to make a boatload of money for a fight that's, literally, a joke. A boxer versus an MMA fighter."

Booker went on to recall boxing world champion James Toney facing Randy Couture in an MMA bout, and getting smashed by Couture.

"We saw what happened in MMA when a boxer tried to go into an MMA ring … I would bet a hundred times out of a hundred times, if Randy Coiture would've went into a boxing ring to fight James Toney, James Toney would've beat him up so bad. I'm talking a 50-year-old James Toney, 50 pounds overweight,. I'm dead serious. He would've beat Randy Couture senseless in a boxing match."

Booker said the fight matchup was about entertainment... and, for McGregor and Mayweather, getting a handsome payday.

"I like the fight going down, but these guys making this kind of money for this? For this? The people that go out and work hard, come on! This is ridiculous!" Booker said. "I can tell you this. I can tell you this. I won't be paying for it."

Booker also noted he feels that a Mayweather win would taint him achieving a 50-0 record, which would surpass the unblemished 49-0 career mark of Rocky Marciano.

"There will be an asterisk next to this win," Booker said, noting this fight reminded him of the build leading to CM Punk's UFC debut. 

Booker T also interviewed MMA fighters Phil Davis and Matt Mitrione on the episode, discussing their fights at Bellator 180 this Saturday from Madison Square Garden in New York City.



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