Brian Ortega Officially Apologizes To Jay Park, Rener Gracie Gets Involved In The Feud


Brian Ortega may have taken things too far when attending UFC 248, as he slapped musician and translator Jay Park across the face after Ortega took issue with what Park translated for Chan Sung Jung on a recent edition of Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.

The fighter did try to explain his actions through a now deleted Twitter post, but now Ortega has issued an official apology through Twitter:

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Rener Gracie is Ortega’s BJJ coach and when he read the initial statement from Ortega on the incident, would say the following on Instagram (via Bloody Elbow):

“Slapping a translator makes you a bully. Slapping an instigator makes you BULLYPROOF.”

Jung would read what Gracie wrote and would express his disappointment through Instagram:



@renergracie I cannot believe you wrote this! Jay Park never asked me to write anything and get myself involved in this situation. How is it even acceptable that a 2nd place ranked fighter resorted to using violence towards a civilian? I have been practicing my Jiu Jitsu while watching your YouTube videos. I even attended your seminar when you were in Korea. I am just ashamed and embarrassed. I also want to address that I am upset at ‘Gracie Jiu Jitsu’ as much as that moment when Ortega slapped Jay Park. Is it okay for someone to solve a problem physically before attempting to fix it verbally? Do you guys tell your students that it’s okay to do that at Gracie Jiu Jitsu? I truly thought that you would scold Ortega for his childish behavior because he should have never hit a civilian. I am deeply disappointed in you. #zombieapocalypse

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That post from Jung would lead to Gracie reevaluating the situation and issuing the following apology through Instagram:



I took Brian under my wing at 13 years old, and since then he’s become of one of my best friends. He’s one of the most loyal and talented people I’ve ever met, but sometimes his emotions get the best of him. On Saturday night, his emotions got the best of him, and as his older brother, I will make sure he learns from this. Furthermore, when I made a comment on Brian’s post, it was clear that I took some of the trash talking directed at him personally, and my emotions got the best of me as well. _ The sequence of events is an unfortunate reminder that MMA is an entertainment sport, and regardless of what trash talking takes place outside of the ring, any and all fighting or physicality should only take place between the fighters and should always take place in the octagon. _ I too remember when you attended my seminar in Korea over three years ago. It was one of the highlights of my Asia tour. You were humble, respectful, and very technical. To this day, the training session I had with you remains one of my all-time favorites. _ I apologize for my comment, and I’m sorry your friend Jay Park had to experience the events that unfolded. _ Rener G.

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While it seems like some of the issues have been resolved after the madness at UFC 248, both Jung and Ortega are seemingly on the path to a battle in the Octagon.

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