Cat Zingano Not Shocked That Cyborg Clocked Magana


Cat Zingano was just one of a plethora of fighters who attended the UFC fighters retreat a little over a week ago in Las Vegas, Nevada.

An altercation took place at the retreat that saw Cyborg punch Angela Magana, an act that didn’t shock the female bantamweight at all.

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“Eventually I was like, dude, all these people [from Alliance] know her and love her, and if I snap on her right now, I’m going to be the bad guy,” she said to MMA Fighting. “I would rather not spend a minute with my team and just avoid making shit awkward, than one more second around this girl. I’ll just go hang out with my old team. Everyone knows I get along with everyone, and nothing would be weird. It was just, anything to get away from her. So when I heard Cris did that, I was actually with the Alliance team, and when they were all like, dude Angela just got punched in the face by ‘Cyborg,’ I was not surprised.”

Magana was kicked out of Alliance MMA for her role in the confrontation, plus the UFC is looking into the altercation as well.

Zingano also spotted Magana taking part in other festivities during the retreat after she claimed that she was injured.

“The crazy part too is that she was partying after,” she said. “She was so hurt she has a mild concussion, or whatever, her tooth was loose — now all of a sudden Cris knocked her tooth out and she’s sitting there saying she has this concussion, acute brain injury, whatever — but she was drinking, playing beer pong and dancing. It’s like, go to your room and fake it. Don’t fake it in the middle of everything.”

Interestingly enough, it has been Zingano who has been campaigning to fight Cyborg in the UFC, but Cyborg has yet to accept the fight.

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