Chael Sonnen And Jon Jones' Manager Discuss Jones' Drug Test, Tainted Supplements


Chael Sonnen has been in Jon Jones' shoes, but he was quick to out Jones recently regarding a couple of stories.

In the weeks since Jon Jones' drug test failure for clomiphene, Sonnen has been associated with Jones' name for many reasons. First, Sonnen revealed that Jones had in fact tested positive for the estrogen blocker. Later, Sonnen told another story about Jones hiding under a ring from a drug test. Recently on his own show, You're Welcome, Jones' manager Malki Kawa called in to defend his client. 

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"If I'm taking steroids, I know what I'm taking, iof. If I'm taking estrogen blockers, I know what I'm taking. This is the problem with this whole system," Kawa said. "This is liked saying if you're a girl at the bar, and you have your drink there and a guy comes and sits next to you and slips something in your drink, and you get raped. Well, sweetheart, you should have been watching your drink. That's exactly what you tell someone who says 'wait a minute, I didn't do this. I'm not a cheater. I have all of these blood tests that say I'm not a cheater.'"

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Kawa cited Yoel Romero and Tim Means as examples of not judging athletes before the facts emerge. Both men were still suspended after USADA determined that they'd ingested tainted supplements uknowingly.

"The Yoel Romero case, we found the supplement. USADA bought the supplement directly from the manufacturer. They tested it, and still suspended him. He's still branded as a cheater, even though the supplement he took did the opposite of what he popped for. He had no idea, it wasn't on the label," said Kawa."I have to defend my guys who aren't cheating."

You can listen to the full episode at this link.

By Sean Ross Sapp

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