Chris Weidman Says He Would’ve Beaten Gegard Mousasi At UFC 210


The controversial ending in the middleweight division bout at UFC 210 between former UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman and Gegard Mousasi is widely known by MMA fans now.

Weidman believes that if the fight would’ve gone on, then he would’ve dominated and finished Mousasi.

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“I think I would have gone on to dominate Mousasi and even finish him” Weidman said on The MMA Hour.

Controversial loss or not, the former middleweight champion is now in the midst of a three fight losing streak.

A major factor in the controversial fight ending was the placement of Weidman’s hands, but Weidman says that Mousasi was controlling his arms at the time the knees landed.

“This is going to be over the heads of most MMA people, but for the fighters, it wasn’t a front headlock position,” Weidman said. “He had both of my arms stuck in there. So right away, my initial reaction of playing the game is to come to my feet and work my way out of that position, and as I come up to my feet, you have to realize I’m in a position where all his weight is dragging my hands toward the mat. I’m trying to come up to avoid that situation because he wants to pull me to the mat to spin behind me and obviously I want to come up to my feet. As he’s putting my hands down to the mat, I’m coming up. And as I come up, I get kneed in the head and I’m like oh, look at that, I got kneed in the head. Now I’m in a position where am I going to keep getting kneed in the head or am I going to put my hands down. I know if I put my hands down on the mat I’m good, and this is in a split second. Maybe should I put my knee down but I was really in a bad situation. I don’t know if I could have really blocked the knees with my hand because he had my arms fully extended straight... I’m working off instinct at this point.”

While Weidman has demanded a rematch against Mousasi, the Dutch fighter isn’t interested in giving Weidman that opportunity.

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