Cody Stevens Likely To Lose Eye After Horrific Eye Poke


Cody Stevens has been a professional MMA fighter for over tens years, but that career has been cut tragically short after a fight this past August at Honor FC 6.

Stevens was in the cage against Aaron Mitchell and was the victim of an eye poke from his opponent, but this particular incident was much worse because Mitchell’s thumb would go past Stevens’ eye and into the socket itself.

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The incident would leave doctors to determine that Stevens may have to have his eye removed completely due to the damage suffered by the poke according to Bloody Elbow.

It would be through Instagram that Stevens would document the horros he has gone through since the incident happened:



Thanks for everyone’s support -- You can’t hold the #wolverine down -- Have to limit my screen time and more #healing time for now -- #wolverinestrong Repost from @melissa_stevens05 using @RepostRegramApp - It’s been a long night and a long day but the Wolverine is being released from the hospital! For those of you who don’t know Codys right eye ruptured during last nights fight requiring emergent surgical repair. We are so touched by all who reached out via text, call or message and those who came and sat with us at the hospital.. All your prayers and energy were felt so deeply by us & I am so happy to say the surgeon was able to repair his eye ----thank you so much to the staff at Cleveland metro hospital for your hard work at an often times thankless job. the road ahead is long and will no doubt be challenging. If you know Cody, you know there is no quit in him- and he’s always up for the challenge. We welcome and appreciate all your continued love,support,prayers and overall good energy as we tackle the next steps in recovery. @wolverinestevensmma #hometeam #prayers #love #recovery #mma

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#tgim #faith -- #believeinyourself #miracleshappeneveryday #mma #repost UPDATE! I know a lot of friends have reached out and it is just so hard to respond to each person individually... so we decided to update everyone as best we could on here. While I’m sure it was not an intentional injury, the base of his opponents thumb(CMC AND IP joint) were basically thrusted upward and into the eye socket rupturing the eye- Cody followed up with the ophthalmologist in Cleveland after rupturing his right globe on Saturday 8/18, surgical repair 8/19. Today, the eye is still blood filled making it difficult to see or ascertain what else will be needing repaired.The risk of infection is still very high and a major concern- which could result in eye removal and spread to the non affected eye causing issues there as well. the discomfort/pain and irritation are going to be problematic over the next few weeks. Along with that he’s dealing with severe light sensitivity even in the non affected eye- so he is to avoid straining and rest his eyes throughout the day. The road is long and the doctors believe we will have at least one more surgery if not more in the future. He is advised to rest and limit activity significantly. He could see some light today at the doctor- despite the blood- but unable to detect movement or shapes. We are continuing to pray and stay positive.... and we ask all our friends and family do the same.

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A still recovering Stevens would also post a video on Facebook to update fans on his health, saying the following:

“If you haven’t been following, I ruptured my globe – which is the entirety of the eyeball – on August 19th, which was also my birthday. This injury required emergency surgical repair. From the get-go the outlook has not been promising. Initially they were going to remove the eye that night, as it had been ruptured so severely and lost a lot of it’s contents – meaning fluid inside the eye. Miraculously the surgeons were able to suture it together, thankfully. Sutures that would hold it together, but we knew we would need a few more miracles for the eye to ever function again, even at a very low percentage. Because the globe is not healing, the eye is continuing to shrink and cause me pain. It is painful to open my left eye even. So we are now discussing removal options. Now that I have had time to process this, I know that there are other things I want to do that I cannot do if this eye is not removed.”

There has been no word since the following Instagram/Facebook posts from Stevens as to when the affected eye will get removed.

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