Is Conor McGregor Making a Mistake by Chasing the Money


Conor McGregor got a taste of huge money fighting when he took on Mayweather, in one of the most profitable matchups in history. This fight went down in history because it saw one of the best boxers in the world, squaring up against one of the best MMA fighters of all time. However, did that put ideas into McGregor’s head to pursue money rather than a successful MMA career? It seems that since his big payday, he’s more interested in chasing the crossover fights for fame and money, rather than carving out success in the MMA ring. Instead of planning rematches with Khabib, he’s more interested in planning a fight with Manny Pacquiao. However, will this work out well for the bad boy of the MMA? Bookies, such as Sportsbet, will always favour McGregor in a straight MMA bout, but unfortunately, after his defeat to Mayweather, they’ll cast him as the underdog.

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A Risky Strategy

It is unclear whether Conor McGregor wants these crossover fights for the money, or to make a point. The last one ended in defeat, and he may well feel he has a point to prove. McGregor is a proud man, and one with quite the ego, so to take the loss, and accept that as his only foray into the cross fighting world, would be a difficult one to take, as failure isn’t a word he is familiar with. However, the risk is that to chase the money and retribution, he could be wasting the most successful years of his MMA life.

Give it Time

However, President of the UFC, Dana White, believes that this would be a huge mistake and that Conor McGregor should concentrate on the UFC for the coming year. In no way should he be wasting his prime boxing years chasing boxing crossover bouts, but should see what more he can achieve in the UFC.

In terms of MMA fighting, McGregor is in peak form. He’s in the best place he has ever been not just physically, but also emotionally and mentally. He’s ready to take on an opponent and win - an MMA opponent. UFC is his strength and this is where his talent lies. So, for now, it would be the right move to focus on that. This may well mean a rematch against Khabib or whoever has the title after he retires. However, his aim should be the title.

There’s Always Next Year

However, he didn’t say for McGregor to give up the dream entirely, but to just wait for a year or so. The dream of crossover fights isn’t going anywhere, and people will always pay big bucks to see the ultimate UFC fighter take on a boxing legend, there is no rush. There’s always next year. However, right now, McGregor is the best that the MMA world has to offer, and this is where his attention should stay for now.

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