Conor McGregor - Nate Diaz Conference Call: Audio, McGregor Trashes WWE, Steroids, Much More


The build for UFC 202 rolls on with the Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz media call. will be on the call, asking the two main event talents questions.

- Conor McGregor said that he got what he wanted with this fight: time to prepare.

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- McGregor isn't worried about movies, he's happy that Michael Bisping got the XXX role. He said Bisping’s role in XXX with Vin Diesel would have been his role. “I didn’t even get a thank you from Bisping."

- McGregor says the XXX role was a seven figure offer.

- Conor says that Diaz was a 'heavy bag with eyeballs' in the first round of their fight. 

- McGregor predicts that he'll KO Diaz inside of two rounds: "I will repay the favor and KO him inside the second round."

- Conor says that he'd be a two weight world champion if RDA didn't "pussy out" at UFC 196.

- Nate Diaz says he only wants fights that are a big deal. He doesn't want to fight just to fight. 

- McGregor wants to be remembered as a guy who showed up to fight every single time. He says there’s a lot of pussies in this game. They say all this stuff, but don’t really want to do it.

- "For the most part, those WWE guys are messed up pussies"- Conor McGregor. Calls The Rock, The McMahons 'dons.' He says that WWE is show business and UFC is the fight business.

- McGregor: You wanna talk the greatest of all-time in the fight game you're talking the Fertitta's, Mr. White and Mr. McGregor.

- Conor isn't sure if he'll return to featherweight next or not.

- McGregor: I was happy for Aldo beating Edgar. When you see a longtime champ getting KO’d, I felt sorry for him a little bit.

- McGregor: I'm sparring middleweights, he's sparring flyweights 

- "The main and the co-main weren’t even at the thing they were asking me to be at."- McGregor on being pulled from UFC 200

- McGregor said he taught Diaz well in regards to making money. Diaz says he was going to make money regardless of McGregor

- McGregor trashes a writer for saying it was a 'quick tap' at UFC 196. The writer tries to clarify, and Diaz calls the writer out for back peddling.

- Diaz on McGregor submitting: "He didn’t give up, but there was nowhere to go."

- McGregor says he would absolutely fight Diaz again if he were to win. “Most certainly this will be a trilogy fight. Me and the boy have something and it ain’t finished yet." Diaz says he'd be open to it too. 

- I’m at the foot of a media empire. I run the news. I create my own content. I can promote this from where I’m sitting.

- Diaz says he's not losing sleep over not getting late night talk show offers, but knew he needed to do it to build his brand and didn't want to regret not doing it.

- Diaz says the "UFC played me" tweet was about the obligations cutting into his media time. 

- McGregor documented one of his USADA tests, and will release the video. McGregor says Diaz isn't wrong, everyone is on steroids. 

- Nate Diaz says he was walking around at 200 pounds, McGregor laughs.

- Diaz says "It’s not thanks to Conor that I got all this. Let’s call it a shortcut."


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