Conor McGregor Says He's Not Vacating Any Titles

UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor will fighting for a second UFC championship belt at UFC 205, but may have to give up one of the belts if he wins -- unless he has his way.

At the UFC 205 Press Confrence, McGregor and his opponent UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez answered questions from media members. Ariel Helwani of asked what the plan was if McGregor wins and holds two championships.

"I'm going to wrap one (belt) on one shoulder, and I'm going to wrap the other on the other shoulder, and they're going to need a fucking army to come take them belts off me" said McGregor.

The UFC has not addressed McGregor's comments. When Scott Fontana of amNewYork asked UFC president Dana White about McGregor holding two belts, White responded "we'll figure that out when it happens."

The champion did not seem ready to compromise. He vehemently responded to another question about the titles.

"They're going to have to gather an army to try and take one of them (belts) off me, and that's out straight. One's going to be there, one's going to be there, and I'm going to be picking and choosing who I want to destroy next. And that's it" said McGregor.

McGregor expressed he would let the featherweight division sort itself out and that he wants to hold both belts concurrently. McGregor has yet to defend his featherweight title since winning it last December.

UFC 205 is on November 12th available on pay-per-view. The card includes three championship bouts and ten other fights featuring some of the top fighters in UFC.

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