Conor McGregor Talks About His Legacy, What Caused Him To Lose To Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor has had two championship bouts, and another that sold 1.5 million pay-per views, but his biggest fight lies ahead on August 20 at UFC 202.

McGregor, the UFC Featherweight Champion, will take on Nate Diaz in a welterweight rematch of their UFC 196 bout, that saw McGregor submit in the second round. According to McGregor, he isn't concerned about what that fight -- or the next one -- could do to his 'legacy.'

"When people look back on my career, I’m just a kid that came from nothing and done it, went all the (expletive) way. I showed up all the time, showed up to fight every time. There’s a lot of (expletives) in this game. I’ve said it before – other people that claim they want to fight and they want to do this and they want to do that. They don’t do jack (expletive). I bring it every time. I’m not afraid of no challenges. That’s how my career will be remembered: a guy that showed up to fight every single time," McGregor told MMA Junkie.

When asked about the loss on a recent media call, McGregor didn't think that Diaz's skill on the ground was what decided the fight, as much as it was his own cardio. McGregor admittedly punched himself out in the first round, and was exhausted by the second. After eating a tough combo from Diaz, he was grasping for legs.

"I don’t think the difference between us in that fight was the jiu-jitsu; I think it was the durability, the endurance, the experience. I think that was the difference. When we were both fresh, I ended up in the mat and caught that kick and he did that takedown he does, and I swept him. I am confident on the mat with Nate. After that, I’ve brought in heavier people, more experienced jiu-jitsu people, to come in and push me daily. I will be experienced for his jiu-jitsu in the later rounds," said McGregor.

You can read the full interview over at MMA Junkie.

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