Dana White & Brendan Schaub Battle On Social Media, Schaub Says They Are Eskimo Brothers


UFC President Dana White and retired MMA fighter Brendan Schaub have not always seen eye to eye before, but things may have been taken to a whole new level in recent days.

Everything got started when Schaub made the following comments about kickboxers who transition into MMA:

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“I think everybody is all high and mighty on these guys who come from kickboxing, boxing backgrounds,” Schaub said on Below the Belt. “When they come over to the UFC, they expect them to be elite strikers. The distance, the combos, the head movement, the number of variables, it’s a completely different game. So to me that never translates.”

Israel Adesanya, a kickboxer who has transitioned to MMA, had thought what Schaub had said on the podcast were about him, which lead to Adesanya posting the following on Instagram:



Ssshhhh...-- #ithinkyoudbesurprised

A post shared by Israel Adesanya (@stylebender) on

A short time after that was posted, it would be the UFC President’s turn to sound off on things, mainly mocking the fact that Schaub didn’t have the greatest run in the UFC.

The following is what White posted in the comments section of Adesanya’s Instagram post:

“Such a (expletive) tool!!!! What the (expletive) does this idiot know about the sport or the business??? @stylebender for u to be listening to one word from this MORON is a waste of ur time. Guy went 6-5 in the UFC!!! The only thing he could teach u is how to get KO’d. Tune idiots like this OUT.”

That would then lead to Schaub also posting the following comments on the Instagram post:

“@danawhite whoooooooa look who got a break from folding Ronda’s laundry to jump on instagram. Bravo sir. He’s right @stylebender what do I know listen to the bald fat guy who has never been in a fight in his life. Do that.”

“You’re a monster, I was referring to guy with Lil mma Experience (Saki) was my main point coming straight to UFC or major mma leagues. You have a ton of experience in mma before getting to the UFC.”

White would then answer a question from a fan on Instagram as to whether or not Schaub has been successful in his post-fighting career, with the UFC President giving the following response:

“He’s successful? As soon as (Joe) Rogan stops carrying him he will disappear.”

Schaub would put things to an end for now through a long statement on Twitter, but it is the ending that Schaub may get the most attention for.


According to the Urban Dictionary, eskimo brothers are the following:

Where you and your bro's all inhibited the same igloo.

You all sleep with the same girl.

Hey which bedroom do ya'll think she's going into tonight? Hell it don't matter we all eskimo brothers anyway.

That smell smells familiar, Man did you tap that shit too?!?! Guess were eskimo brothers now bro.

There has been no response from White after the posting from Twitter, but no matter how much they may feud, it will be their alleged bond as eskimo brothers that could bring them back together one day.

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