Dana White Discusses Relationship With Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon and Dana White have long been rivals, but they're not afraid to work together. 

UFC President Dana White recently appeared on the Hot 97 radio program to talk all things UFC, but the topic of the UFC President’s relationship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon also came up.

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“Yeah, I still talk to Vince (McMahon), (we talk about) nothing but business. He is not a shoot the sh*t kind of guy, I can shoot the sh*t, but Vince is not that guy. Vince is all business, I got a lot of respect for Vince, you look at the guy…and Vince, think about Vince and all that he has accomplished, as big as his company…gone public, he can cash out, there’s so many things that guy can do. That guy wants to get up every morning and kick ass, even at his age and you know, you don’t see Vince retiring and taking off, buying a boat and he’s an animal…I respect that," said White.

White also mentioned that while he talked to Vince McMahon during the Brock Lesnar - UFC 200 negotiations, the deal was primarily put together with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. White then opened up about Vince wanting to fight him.

Last time with the Brock (Lesnar) deal, I worked with Stephanie (McMahon) and Triple H, I talk to Vince a lot. I tell you what, Vince isn’t a shoot the sh*t kind of guy, Vince is always been kind of standoffish with us, he wanted to fight me. He said he would fight me either in the WWE or the UFC, Vince is seventy something years old, I started laughing and saying he’s crazy man. Listen, no disrespect to him, I told you guys I respect him, but if I can’t beat a seventy something year old dude, I don’t care how big you are, how whatever you are, I’m forty seven and I don’t feel like I felt when I was thirty seven, so imagine how I’m going to feel when I’m seventy something. He’s (Vince) an animal, he’s an animal man, I respect it. That’s the other thing to, if you get your ass whipped by a seventy something year old man, that’s his mindset, that’s the kind of guy he is. I don’t know man (about having Conor McGregor in the WWE), the thing is about Conor is Conor is all about fighting man, he’s the real deal.”

You can see White's full interview above.

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