Daniel Cormier Gives His Take On Ronda Rousey Signing With The WWE


The current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion shares his thoughts on Ronda Rousey joining the WWE roster.

The 20-1 UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Cormier, appeared on the "MMA Hour" and during a paticular portion of the podcast, he went over Ronda Rousey's appearance at the 'Royal Rumble' PPV. Cormier says that he sat through and watched the entire Women's Royal Rumble match. He jokingly added that he does not know why Rousey continued to point at the WrestleMania sign, but does have high expectations for the former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion.

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“I thought it was cool. So I sat through the entire women’s Royal Rumble, hoping that she was one of the fighters and No. 30 came and it was Trish Stratus, which was pretty cool, but it wasn’t Ronda and then it was cool to see (Rousey) walk to the ring and point to the WrestleMania logo. I don’t truly understand the meaning of it, like she doesn’t really have a rivalry with any of those people. Maybe it was just to get her out in front of the crowd and see the reaction, but I’m interested to see what becomes of this."

As mentioned above, Rousey was not in the 'Royal Rumble' match, but made a special appearance during the closing of the PPV.

Cormier: "I don’t know, maybe she just wasn’t ready yet to go into the Royal Rumble. Because if they would have rushed her and she looked bad, it would have been much worse than just kind of holding her back, giving her months to prepare to make her debut. But yeah, very excited, happy for Ronda. So happy for Ronda that she’s doing something she loves.”

DC also discussed how Ronda Rousey does not acknowledge that she has lost fights. Following Ronda's losses to Amanda Nunes & Holly Holm, she did not comment on the bouts, which lead to her hiatus from competition.

"I think it’s weird because she chooses not to discuss it, that’s her right. People deal with losses in their own ways and obviously Ronda doesn’t feel comfortable or doesn’t want to deal with it in the way that we did. People deal with it differently. If she was to do it, it’s a massive weight off your chest if you’re able and willing to discuss it and try to move past it. But what does she have to move past now? She’s not in the sport anymore and she’s getting paid millions of dollars to do something else." Cormier added.  "Look, they can love, they can hate her, it ain’t gonna change her paycheck and she’s gonna be Ronda Rousey, so it doesn’t really matter. I think she’s going to approach this in the way that she wants to approach it and obviously she has made it pretty clear that she won’t discuss those losses or discuss those setbacks.”

It appears that Ronda Rousey has the support of her former UFC comrades as she starts her new journey of becoming a WWE superstar.

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