Daniel Cormier Promising To Show Fans What The UFC Light Heavyweight Title Really Means


Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier lost the gold to Jon Jones in their rematch at UFC 214.

Jones has since been notified by USADA that he has failed a drug test and if DC gets the belt back, the former champion is promising to show everybody what the belt means.

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“The crazy thing was that, the first time (in 2015), I got a lot of, ‘you were given the belt,’ when in reality I won the belt by fighting Anthony (Johnson),” Cormier said on The MMA Hour. “This time, I think I would be given the belt because of what happened. As a competitor, I know that we fought. But if he was not fighting cleanly, then how it that fair to me? So if — and I keep saying ‘if’ because again, Jon is entitled to due process — if it is proven that he was dirty, then we would not have fought anyway, and I would still have my title regardless. So yeah, I will take the belt, I will be a proud champion, just as I was before, because I will show people what the belt means. Now, if it comes back that it’s not dirty, then I go back to work to get a belt so that I can find a way to fight him again for a title.”

If Jones is stripped of the UFC Light Heavyweight Title again, then the fighter would have lost all three of his UFC titles (2x UFC Light Heavyweight Title & 1x UFC Interim Light Heavyweight Title) without being defeated inside of the Octagon.

DC also admits that if Jones suspension is held up, then he will never got another chance against him.

“The sad thing is, man, I would actually fight him again. I just don’t know that there will be time,” Cormier said. “Because at the end of this process, if there is a suspension, I will have run out of time, because I’ve always said that I won’t be fighting at 40, and I’ve done so much better than I ever could’ve envisioned when I started this career. If this is true, as it probably is — because USADA is a very upstanding organization, they would not have said anything if they just made a mistake — then I will probably run out of time, and the last time we fought will be the last time we fought. That’s the truth.”

There is no time frame for the announcement on when or if Jones is going to be stripped of the gold.

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