EXCLUSIVE: Frank Trigg Discusses Why He Changed His Tune On Marijuana


Frank Trigg says he has been using CBD oil for pain management, and it's changed his world.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient in Cannabis which usually exist in lower concentrations than the more famous Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). On the April 20th edition of Fightful MMA's podcast,Trigg talked about his personal use of CBD, which included a time when his entire opinion on Cannabis changed. 

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"I was (anti-marijuana) my entire life until about a year and half ago," said Trigg. "(A friend's) wife who's been sick for a long time and she used it medicinally for her pain and what have you. I was looking into getting life insurance and I was denied because my liver enzymes are too high...I looked at some of the (prescription) drugs I was taking...and the number one thing was liver damage," he continued. 

Trigg who still trains, referees, and does stunt work was on a regimen of prescription pharmaceuticals. He said he has benefited from switching to a Cannabis-based treatment and he is interested in the changes in the opinion of society. 

"I started using CBD oil, for me it's been a game changer. What the hell was I thinking my whole life, it's just stupid. I switched over about a year and a half ago and it's been great," said Trigg. "California is getting better, Nevada is getting better which are the main two places I travel to. It's interesting to see these differences, we saw (Nate) Diaz up on the panel after one of his fights and they are like 'what are you vaping over there?' He's like 'it's cbd, it helps with the process of getting better' and they are like 'oh, he's going to get fined.' But I was like 'I don't think they test for CBD, they test for THC,' which is two different things even though they come from the same plant . It's interesting to see how some of these different states and these different countries are coming along in changing, especially for the athletic standpoint," he continued. 

Nate Diaz used a vaporizer on stage at the post-fight press conference of his fight at UFC 202. Trigg and podcast host "Showdown Joe" Ferraro talked about the state of cannabis laws in The United States and Canada. Other topics covered on the podcast include Trigg's UFC career and stories of his personal interactions with Dana White. 

Trigg appears on Thursdays on Fightful MMA's podcast. 

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