Chuck Liddell Comments To Fightful In Regards To Return Rumors

We've heard rumblings for weeks, months about a possible return of Chuck Liddell to MMA.

With Chael Sonnen callouts leading the charge, overtures have been made to try to bring the MMA great back to the cage. Fightful ran a story this week about his recent MMA Hour appearance, where he admitted that his losing his post-UFC company job lit a fire underneath him. He in no way confirmed a return to the cage, but said it did leave him wondering what he'd do moving forward.

Some questioned Liddell's will to compete if he were to return, which according to him wouldn't be an issue.

Liddell reached out to Fightful in regards to the story and stated "I'm happy and healthy, with an amazing family and life. If I chose to fight again -- and that's a big if -- I promise I'll show up to fight."

"The Iceman" hasn't competed in MMA in over seven years, since his first round loss to Rich Franklin at UFC 115. He worked with the UFC after, and also competed on Dancing With The Stars, commercials for Duralast Brakes and MIller Lite, and acted in several television shows and movies.

It's worth noting that in August, Liddell said a fight with Sonnen wasn't happening.

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