Fightful's Matt Riddle And Sean Ross Sapp Correctly Predict The Future


Are the Podcast Thursday hosts Matt Riddle and Sean Ross Sapp soothsayers? Probably, bro.

During last Thursday afternoon's episode of the Podcast, Riddle and Sapp spoke about the UFC 203 card. During their analysis, Fabricio Werdum's flying kick to open the fight was brought up, which former UFC fighter Riddle was a big fan of. 

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“It was so great, it was so amazing. I'm probably going to use it in professional wrestling. I'm going to jump across the ring and kick people in the chest," Riddle said.

The two hosts also examined the psychology behind utilizing such a kick. managing editor Sean Ross Sapp speculated that we could see more kicks of this nature sooner than later in the UFC.

“You only do that if you're not afraid of anything. Worst case scenario, Werdum falls to the ground. What's Browne going to do there? “I'm hoping it's a lot like Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort where the front kick was used more after that,” Sapp said.

Riddle, who had plenty of success in the UFC, says that he thinks ground specialists should employ that type of tactic more often.

“Exactly. I'm glad to see it. I'm glad to see high level jiu jitsu practitioners do that. You should throw high level, low risk kicks. If they take you down, you're in a dominant position. Use kicks at range. Throwing kicks when you're an Abu Dhabi champion is brilliant,” said Riddle.

As it turns out, we did see more kicks of that nature. At Saturday's UFC Fight Night Hidalgo, Chas Skelly darted across the cage and landed a front kick to his opponent. 19 seconds in, he walked away with a victory via Anaconda choke, which you can see below.

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