The year 2017 has officially concluded and so the time has come for the Fightful Boxing Newsletter Awards, handing out the awards for the best in boxing throughout this past great year in boxing.

This past year has been an incredible one with more emphasis on big-time fights, ESPN returning to broadcasting world title bouts and many of the sport’s s biggest names creating some of the most memorable moments in recent memory. As such, the awards will highlight several aspects of the sport as a whole and the committee of one (myself) has tried to select the best of the best. As with any awards that are won through voting or selection, it is not 100 percent objective. Perhaps there are some nominees that did not get a fair shake or were not the preferred choice for whomever reads, but these are solely the author’s picks.

If you, the reader, feel like other boxers or fights should have won some of these awards, I encourage you to make your picks in the Fightful forums, in the Disqus board below or on my Twitter account @CarlosToro360. Discussion and debate are part of what makes sports so interesting. In most cases, there are no right answers when it comes to selecting who or what is the best in the sport.

Without further ado, the following categories will have awards on this issue:

  • Knockout of the Year
  • Round of the Year
  • Upset of the Year
  • Prospect of the Year
  • Female Boxer of the Year
  • Male Boxer of the Year
  • Fight of the Year

But the world of boxing didn't end with the HBO card on December 16. There were two fight cards on December 30 and 31 in Japan with five world title fights taking place on those cards. Naoya Inoue and Ryoichi Taguchi emerged as the biggest winners for different reasons with Inoue getting major momentum for his move to bantamweight and Taguchi landing the biggest win of his career, unifying two light flyweight world titles by beating Milan Melindo.

All of this and more is discussed on the first 2018 edition of the Fightful Boxing Newsletter.

Fightful Boxing Newsletter (1/4) Table Of Contents:

  1. Knockout Of The Year and Round Of The Year (Page 2)
  2. Upset Of The Year and Prospect Of The Year (Page 3)
  3. Female Boxer Of The Year (Page 4)
  4. Male Boxer Of The Year (Page 5)
  5. Fight Of The Boxer (Page 6)
  6. Weekend Recap (Page 7)
  7. Results From The World Of Boxing (Page 8)
  8. Fightful Boxing Rankings (Pages 9-10)
  9. News And Notes From The World Of Boxing (Pages 11-12)

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